Archery NZ Board

Your board for 2022/23 is as follows:

  • Andrew Russell (Auckland) - Chair
  • David Velleman (Randwick)
  • Leonie Hunter-Smith (Randwick)
  • Hana Saemon-Beck (Christchurch)
  • Vincent McCartney (Mountain Green) - Deputy Chair
  • Sai Bedekar (independent)
  • Lisa Holt (independent)


Board Bios

David Velleman

D Velleman Photo smol


I am a passionate archer of nine years in the sport with a desire to be the best archer I can be. Originally I started with my (then) 12 year old son and I fell in love with the sport. 

In my 40 plus years of working I have had a wide range of experience with skills in financial, business and commercial management as well as significant experience in IT.  Implementing strategies that grow the organisation I am a part of, drives me Monday to Sunday. 

My goals for Archery New Zealand is to grow archery into a mainstream sport with a positive culture from all stakeholders and strong financials that support that goal.

Andrew Russell - Chair

andrew russell

Andrew is a Life member of Auckland Archery Club, and has been very involved in various aspects of archery governance and operations, including events management, club governance and operations, inter-school archery, coach accreditation and development. He has been a New Zealand Team member a number of times, and is a National Champion in various formats of recurve and compound archery over 22 years of shooting.

A highlight of his archer career has been hosting the 2017 World Masters' Games in Auckland, which saw great multi-club and ArcheryNZ support from a dedicated crew of volunteers, pulling off a successful international event. He aims to support a governance approach that delivers for a breadth of archers around the country, from grass-roots to high performance, and communicates well with its members.

Hana Saemon-Beck


 As someone who identifies as a minority woman in Aotearoa, Hana’s struggles and her experiences in combating these struggles have led her to be a strong advocate for equity, diversity, and inclusion. Hana set up Aotearoa Multicultural Women Association (AMWA) to encourage understanding and forge bonds between different groups with the aim of showing that we are more similar than we are different. Working in partnership with other organisations and groups, Hana has led projects and started initiatives with the aim of creating an inclusive and equal space for everyone where they can feel belonged. 

Hana’s advocacy for inclusivity is not limited to gender and ethnicity. Her research study focused on the impacts of socioeconomic circumstances on outcomes of individuals in a meritocratic environment. While conducting the research study, Hana set up and managed a non-profit organisation, Literacy Initiative for Equity (LIFE) for tamariki experiencing first world poverty. LIFE helped to alleviate some of the effects of poverty through provisions of educational opportunities.

In early 2021, Hana set up Aotearoa Adaptive Archery to focus on special needs individuals, particularly tamariki and rangatahi. Hana is currently working with several individuals, as well as special needs organisations such as Blind-Low Vision Education Network New Zealand and Allenvale School. Hana has sat on the board of Christchurch Archery Club since 2019 and is focused on the diversity and inclusion aspects of the club. Hana’s goals as a board member of Archery New Zealand, is to not only include, but also ensure a levelled playing field for all individuals regardless of gender, socioeconomic circumstances, abilities, age, and ethnicity.

Vincent McCartney - Deputy Chair


Vincent is a member and the Secretary of Mountain Green Archery Club in Auckland. He has been a member since 2019 when his son took up Archery.

Originally from the UK, Vincent spent 10-years working in financial services in the UK, Australia and New Zealand, and has held a number of Independent Director positions in the derivatives trading industry. These independent positions supplement Vincent's director experience within the company he co-founded and recently sold, Verifi Identity Services, and feels the governance experience from both sides of the fence will serve him well in this role with Archery NZ.

Vincent's goal as a board member of Archery NZ is to help Archery NZ grow to become truly self-sustainable, have Archery gain wider public recognition and become accessible to more people.

Leonie Hunter-Smith


Leonie is a member and Secretary of Randwick Archery Club and has been involved in archery for four years becoming interested in governance, coaching, and directing shoots.  She has a particular interest in the area of competition officiating as a DOS and in building a strong network of officials across NZ.

As a chartered accountant of 30+ years experience she has gained experience as both a board member and financial advisor to not-for-profit organisations, including school boards and charitable trusts.

Leonie’s vision for Archery in NZ is to make the sport recognised as a mainstream sport accessible to all; to have programmes to support the development of archers, coaches, and officials, and to enable archers of all ability levels to get the support and coaching they need to go to the highest levels of the sport.

Sai Bedekar

sai 2

Sai is a self-employed professional with 24 years of International and local experience in Business Management and Occupational Health and Safety. As a Director for two small business enterprises in New Zealand, Sai has successfully built strong relationships along with a track record of selling innovative and creative ideas for design, print, health and safety and photography. In her spare time Sai works as a Photographer beautifully capturing weddings, corporate events and concerts.

Sai has significant organisational skills and a passion for Sports and Recreation. She has been a parent and supporter of archery. Sai has worked as an executive committee member for various community and sports organisations within Auckland region. She is looking forward to the opportunity to support the sport for all players, whanau and volunteers.

Lisa Holt

lisa holt

Lisa has a diverse professional background with a mix of roles in ICT sales, commercial management, research into emerging technologies, and legal practice in both the private and public sectors in NZ and France. She has public listed company and private company Board experience. She is a life-long volunteer, with a primary focus in the last 10 years on helping organisations that benefit women and promote diversity and inclusion. Lisa is a frequent observer of the archery shoots at Cornwall Park, which is one of the family-favourite dog walks in Auckland. 


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Andrew Russell

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David Velleman

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