Archery NZ Board

Your board for 2023/24 is as follows:

  • Katherine Watson (Independent) - Chair
  • Murray Prowse (River Glade) - Deputy Chair
  • Cushla Matheson (Auckland)
  • Frasier Cho (Auckland)
  • Mykel Turner (Auckland)


Board Bios

Katherine Watson

Katherine Watson

Katherine is an Australian based Kiwi archer. She has represented New Zealand at two World Cups. She loves travelling home to compete in archery tournaments, both for the competition and camaraderie.

As an active member of Kew City Bowmen, in Melbourne, Katherine organises club events and mentors young archers. Her day job is teaching, a profession that has honed her communication skills and patience!

Katherine is looking forward to supporting Archery NZ as it continues to embrace it's values and works to grow an accessible and awesome sport as we expand our membership.

Murray Prowse

Murray P

I started my journey with archery in 2014 and hopefully it's not one that will end soon. I'm currently the Vice President at River Glade Archers,  a range captain and a coach. 

My background is Engineering, from building and installing plant and machinery through to managing Projects. This has given me the skills to successfully build good working relationships with multiple stakeholders and the ability to find solutions to situations as  they come up.

I look forward to supporting all our archers from club day shooters through to our International competitors and building a sustainable, vibrant sport.

Cushla Matheson

Cushla Matheson

 Cushla is involved with archery as a parent, coach, club committee member, coaching coordinator, and World Archery Development Officer.  

Joining the Board Cushla brings her Governance experience with special interest in performance development and equity.

Cushla is looking forward to moving the organisation forward towards a stronger and cohesive future for all members.

 Frasier Cho

Frasier Cho

Frasier, a dedicated pharmacist and archer, brings over a decade of archery experience and leadership to the Archery New Zealand Board.
His academic background includes degrees in pharmacy and business management, enhancing his strategic decision-making and leadership skills. As a community advocate across multiple committees, Frasier actively fosters cultural diversity and engagement. 
His commitment to inclusivity, excellence, and the growth of archery in New Zealand aligns closely with Archery New Zealand's mission. Frasier’s multifaceted background and unwavering passion makes provides an asset to the organisation's leadership team, ensuring a vibrant and welcoming archery community for all.

Mykel Turner

Mykel photo

 Hi, I’m Mykel and I currently live in Auckland after growing up in Tauranga. I shoot competitively and can often be found training and coaching at Auckland Archery Club.

My specialty lies in Business Management as my main job. I have been a retail manager of multiple stores over the last couple years. This has allowed me to develop skills for leadership and communication. I aim to use these skills to help improve Archery in New Zealand by bridging archers and the organisation together.



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Board Chair

Katherine Watson

email: [email protected]