Archery NZ Board

Your board for 2021/2022 is as follows:

  • Lexie Matheson (Mountain Green) - Chair
  • George Rossolatos (Auckland)
  • Andrew Russell (Auckland)
  • Hana Saemon-Beck (Christchurch)
  • David Velleman (Randwick)
  • Melanie Jones (co-opted Christchurch)


Board Bios

Lexie Matheson ONZM

Lexie Matheson

Lexie is a senior lecturer at AUT University specializing in leadership and event management. She is a Senior Fellow of The Higher Education Academy (London) and holds a master’s degree with honours from the University of Auckland.

Lexie has extensive governance experience in:

  • Education: NZEI (7 years), TEU Te Kahukura (5 years),
  • Local Government: SLGOA Treasurer (8 years), Auckland Council Rainbow Advisory Panel (5 years),
  • The Arts: Court Theatre (8 years), Christchurch Community Arts Council (7 years),
  • Event Management: HERO (2 years), Auckland Pride Festival (6 years),
  • Sport - Karate Auckland (2 years).

Lexie, a 2nd dan Goju Ryu black belt, has a background in high performance sport having represented New Zealand at the 2017 WGKF World Karate Championships in Bucharest, Romania placing third in the Women’s Grandmaster’s division for kata. She has been Chief Instructor at Kings Dojo for 7 years.

Lexie was 2020 Senior New Zealander of the Year runner-up and 2018 New Zealander of the Year Local Hero.

She was made an Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit (ONZM) in 2016 for services to education, human rights, and the performing arts.

Lexie has been involved with archery for five years.

Hana Saemon-Beck


 As someone who identifies as a minority woman in Aotearoa, Hana’s struggles and her experiences in combating these struggles have led her to be a strong advocate for equity, diversity, and inclusion. Hana set up Aotearoa Multicultural Women Association (AMWA) to encourage understanding and forge bonds between different groups with the aim of showing that we are more similar than we are different. Working in partnership with other organisations and groups, Hana has led projects and started initiatives with the aim of creating an inclusive and equal space for everyone where they can feel belonged. 

Hana’s advocacy for inclusivity is not limited to gender and ethnicity. Her research study focused on the impacts of socioeconomic circumstances on outcomes of individuals in a meritocratic environment. While conducting the research study, Hana set up and managed a non-profit organisation, Literacy Initiative for Equity (LIFE) for tamariki experiencing first world poverty. LIFE helped to alleviate some of the effects of poverty through provisions of educational opportunities.

In early 2021, Hana set up Aotearoa Adaptive Archery to focus on special needs individuals, particularly tamariki and rangatahi. Hana is currently working with several individuals, as well as special needs organisations such as Blind-Low Vision Education Network New Zealand and Allenvale School. Hana has sat on the board of Christchurch Archery Club since 2019 and is focused on the diversity and inclusion aspects of the club. Hana’s goals as a board member of Archery New Zealand, is to not only include, but also ensure a levelled playing field for all individuals regardless of gender, socioeconomic circumstances, abilities, age, and ethnicity.

David Velleman

D Velleman Photo smol


I am a passionate archer of nine years in the sport with a desire to be the best archer I can be. Originally I started with my (then) 12 year old son and I fell in love with the sport. 

In my 40 plus years of working I have had a wide range of experience with skills in financial, business and commercial management as well as significant experience in IT.  Implementing strategies that grow the organisation I am a part of, drives me Monday to Sunday. 

My goals for Archery New Zealand is to grow archery into a mainstream sport with a positive culture from all stakeholders and strong financials that support that goal.

George Rossolatos

george rossolatos 2021 250x

 George's professional background is 30 years of experience in IT. He was Head of IT for HSBC in New Zealand for several years and then transitioned to a role transforming and managing the IT environment for a large footwear importer. This experience led George to set up his own company that manufactures 3D printed archery accessories and most recently archery timers.

George became involved in archery in 2011 when he joined Auckland Archery Club as a novice and shot for a number of years. After his daughter took up the sport at school, he obtained both Foundation and Development Coaching Credentials.

George became Head Coach of Baradene College in 2019 and has grown his squad roster to around 70 archers, roughly doubling it each year.

At the beginning of 2020, he was awarded Coach of the Year by Archery NZ and in 2021 he completed the World Archery Level 2 training and obtained Performance Coaching credentials.

George received some personal acclaim in 2020 after designing a small 3D printed recurve tool that was adopted by Win&Win after they noticed users talking about it online.

George will bring a strong focus on youth archers, as well as an innovative and forward-thinking approach to finding solutions.

Andrew Russell

andrew russell

Andrew is a Life member of Auckland Archery Club, and has been very involved in various aspects of archery governance and operations, including events management, club governance and operations, inter-school archery, coach accreditation and development. He has been a New Zealand Team member a number of times, and is a National Champion in various formats of recurve and compound archery over 22 years of shooting.

A highlight of his archer career has been hosting the 2017 World Masters' Games in Auckland, which saw great multi-club and ArcheryNZ support from a dedicated crew of volunteers, pulling off a successful international event. He aims to support a governance approach that delivers for a breadth of archers around the country, from grass-roots to high performance, and communicates well with its members.

Melanie Jones

Melanie Jones smol

Melanie has a strong background in business administration having worked in a number of office support roles. Over the last 20 years she has juggled raising three successful daughters, has developed and maintains a small olive grove and all aspects of olive oil production, peony growing for the local market, and supports her husband’s business with various administrative assistance on an ad-hoc basis.

Melanie was introduced to Archery in 2013 when her youngest daughter, Bex, became fascinated with the sport. Since then Melanie has held the primary role in Bex’s archery development as
mentor, life coach, assisting her archery coach, manager of team ‘Bex’ (i.e. all the paperwork) as well as being the supporting mum on the sideline at every competition.


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Andrew Russell

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