Club Resources

We support our clubs in everything they do, from coaching beginners to running tournaments for our performance archers. But we all know that running a club isn't easy, and sometimes you need access to resources. Here are some that might help!


While there are many funding agencies within New Zealand all will have requirements specific to them, so do your homework well on what they will and what they will not fund. In the Downloads section there is a document containing contact details to many funding agencies throughout New Zealand.

Portable Target Frames

Auckland Archery Club have kindly provided construction drawings for their portable target frames so you can download and manufacture these at your leisure. Much appreciated Bert Bourgeois and Auckland Archery Club! (Plans in Downloads on this page).


If you need scoresheets for your tournament, you can download a package here which contains all types of scoresheets that you might need for your tournament or for your club. Logos can be replaced and dates easily amended. Most of these are in Excel format.

Running your Club

The day-to-day running of your club is usually pretty straightforward, but you might need some help - and we've got just the thing. Andrew Russell is a life member of Auckland Archery Club and has shot for New Zealand. He has a wealth of information about tournaments and running a club. He was president of Auckland and a previous Chair of the Board of Archery NZ. He has written a series of articles which might help you get your archery club running smoothly or just trying new things.

Check it out at the Magazine: The Archery Club Diaries