Archer Records


Some record claims are automatic so you may not need to make formal claims for records.

However, some records do need to be claimed. These include:

  • If you shot a record for an age class that you are eligible to claim a record in for that round (eg you shot Open at the tournament, but it was also an U18 record, because the distance and round shot were the same)
  • If you shot an NZ record at an overseas tournament
  • You shot a WA record at a WA-registered event hosted in NZ

Please fill out the online Claim form in these cases and provide as much documentation as you can:

If you require to read the rules on claiming records, please check the Shooting Rules.


Records Lists

All of the record lists have been updated and are current for all scores shot up to March 2024. Open Records were updated December 2018. 


Clout Archery NZ Records

Clout National Tournament Records

Clout Open Records



Indoor Archery NZ Records

Indoor National Tournament Records

Indoor Open Records



Outdoor Archery NZ Records

Outdoor National Tournament Records

Outdoor Open Records



Field Archery NZ Records

Field National Tournament Records

Field Open Records


If you have any questions please contact the Records Officer.