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PATRON: Bernie Fraser

Archery New Zealand is the target archery organisation in New Zealand. We are proud to support all archers who wish to shoot target archery and encourage them to join one of our local clubs. Archery New Zealand provides support for archers, coaches and judging officials in the sport. For anyone reaching out to us, please contact [email protected].

Archery NZ holds three National Tournaments each year: the National Outdoor Target Championships, the National Field Championships and the National Indoor Championships. These events are open to archers of all ages and abilities who join Archery NZ (Inc). 

Archery In New Zealand Archery In New Zealand

There are many tournaments held throughout the country as well as events held at District and Club level where archers can get together and compete in a warm and friendly atmosphere. The archery clubs themselves hold regular club days & fun shoots for members and visitors from other clubs. 

Clubs often hold “have a go” sessions for people who wish to see if archery suits them. Then they may join a beginners’ class to learn safety and basic shooting techniques.

Archery New Zealand has a Youth Archery organisation that caters for young archers under the age of 20 years.  You can find more information about that here. They conduct regional tournaments as well as monthly postal shoots for their members.

We have a relationship with NZFAA (New Zealand Field Archers Association) and actively encourage their members to come and try target archery as well as encouraging our members to try field archery.

For those that aspire to represent New Zealand, Selection Policies are available for a number of international representative tournaments such as World Cups, World Championship, Grand Prix's as well as Youth Olympics, World Games & Olympic Games.

Archery New Zealand is a voluntary organisation governed by a Board whose executive are elected from within the membership at our AGM with the Commission Conveners being elected at the Commission AGM's which are usually held during the course of the National Outdoor Target Championships each year.

We are always on the look out for volunteers.  Click here for vacancies.

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Life Members:

Bernie Fraser, Ivan Powley, Tony Kemp, Carole Hicks, Dave Henshaw, Anne Mitchell, Colin Mitchell, Peter Russell, Les Jones