Teams Postal League News

News for November 2018

Hi All

So we are now into round three which runs over Dec-January and you can shoot it as many times as you like in that two month period, but the results you submit must be from the same day, picking your best result.

Also for those divisions with Byes in them, you can still shoot the round for practice but, your total score doesn’t get added to you Aggregate total in the Standings.

I hope everyone has a great Xmas and we will see many of you at Nationals.


Kerry Hoole

Teams Postal Coordinator

News for October 2018

Hi All

Thanks to everyone for getting your results in promptly.

There were some close results in some of the divisions and I can see we are going to have some close competitions this year.

Worth mentions were –

  • GGWAS managed to sneak in ahead of Waiarapa by 2 points in division 6
  • Rosebank beat Geraldine by 3 points in division 3

If you are having problems entering the results on the Return sheet you are welcome to call me on 021 677 527. Please note you need to put in the archer details on the “Data” sheet first before putting in your results on the  “Results” sheet. This is so you can use a copy of the sheet in the next round an only need to enter any new archers as you will already have your archers from the previous rounds.


Kerry Hoole

Teams Postal Coordinator

Summer Teams Postal League 2018-19

Hi Everyone

Welcome to a new Season for the Teams Postal, and a special welcome to Mana who have joined in this year.

The vote for changing the February  round into a February- March round and have the last round in April was passed 20 to 9.

Just a reminder that all entered archers need to be a member of ANZ but can join as a Postal member to participate in any of the ANZ Postal shoots. This only costs $30 for adults and $20 for Youth Archers.

Also that Youth for Intermediate, Cub and Kiwi can shoot a Short Canadian which is 30 arrows each at 45, 35 and 25 metres But please indicate this on their score sheet that is returned to me (For the sake of postal records)

Also as introduced last year, all archers don’t have to shoot at the same time on your Shoot Day but no archer can shoot it twice in the same you could have a group shoot at 9 am and another at 3 pm and all scores can be considered for the day. But do have to have a Senior witness present, ie you can’t shoot and score it by yourself.

And you can shoot it more than once in the allocated time for the round and return the results from the Best Shoot.

I am working with Steve Clifton on getting the scoring into Archery OSA but in the meantime please return results on the Excel form that is on the same page as the draw.

I hope everyone has a great season


Kerry Hoole

Teams Postal Coordinator

Summer Teams Postal League 2017-18

So that is it for another Teams Postal Season. I would like people’s feedback on the rule changes we did this year as I am not sure if they assisted in reducing defaults, but I see there is still a few in February. 

Those rule changes being

  • Intermediate divisions and younger being able to shoot the “Short Canadian”
  • Being able to shoot at different times on the same day.

I know Mountain Green used the second change on several occasions, though our youth archers preferred to shoot the full Canadian.

If you have any suggested rule changes please let me know and I will put them out for a vote. I would like to suggest we make the February round a two month round like Dec/Jan and hence have the final round in March as Feb is a short month and is flat out, especially for the Field Clubs.

So on to the results!

Starting with Division 7, this was the most competitive Division this year with only 3 points between first and last, but Grey Goose managed a clean sweep to take it out.

Division 6 was taken out by Trentham, also with a clean sweep.

Division 5 was a tight competition between Ellesmere A and Lakeview A both with 12 points, so the winner, decided on total points, is Ellesmere.

Division 4 ended with another win to Rosebank, being the fourth year in a row of them proceeding up the divisions, lookout Division 1 in three years.

Division 3 was another tight competition given 4 teams scored over 11,000 points and both River Glade B and Timaru A scored 14 so it also came down to points scored and River Glade sneaked in.

Southland managed a clean sweep of Division 2 so will be going the top division next year.

Finally Congrats to Gisborne on taking out the Trophy this year, in another tightly fought competition at the top.

Kerry Hoole

Postal League Coordinator