Register Your Tournament & Regulations

Download the information on the right for the following areas:


Important information when registering a tournament in your location.


Tournament Regulations 2016

Important rules & regulations around running a tournament.


Request for a Major or World Archery Tournament Registration

Registration form for a new Major or WA tournament.


RMT (Registered Minor Tournament) Registration Form

Registration form for running of a Registered Minor Tournament.


Tournament Completion Form

Form to complete once tournament has been concluded.

A copy of the results must be sent in the correct format to:  [email protected]



Archery NZ Results Template

All results from Major and Minor tournaments must be in this template format to be accepted by the Ranking Administrator and the Selection Panel.


ANZ Scoresheets

This is a zip file containing a series of standard score sheets for your club or tournament use. It is highly recommended to use these score sheets for all tournaments so that archers become used to a standard scoring format.  This will help tournament organisers and assist in minimising errors.

Most of the regular rounds that are shot have been included, as well as a generic score sheet that may be useful for various club shoots, all can be printed on an A4 page.  They are available in Microsoft Excel format, so that clubs may add logos, tournament names and dates.


North Island Championships

The North Island Senior and Youth Championships are rotated around the North Island Districts each year. Here are the following rotations for the next five years:

Senior Championships:

2019: Auckland District Archery Association
2020: Wellington Archery Association
2021: Eastern Central Bay of Plenty Archery Association
2022: Auckland District Archery Association
2023: Wellington Archery Association

Youth Championships:

2019: Wellington Archery Association
2020: Eastern Central Bay of Plenty Archery Association
2021: Auckland District Archery Association
2022: Wellington Archery Association
2023: Eastern Central Bay of Plenty Archery Association

For any specific requests, please contact [email protected]