Register Your Tournament & Regulations


For Tournament regulations go to the Rules page

If your club is interested in holding a tournament, you will be required to register it with Archery NZ. Bear in mind there are different types of tournaments. For a schedule of the "main" tournaments held each year by the clubs and the organisation, you can view it under downloads. To review the types of tournaments, go to the "Guide to Tournaments" page.

Minor Tournaments:

Minor Tournaments should be registered with the Tournaments Registrar by filling out the Minor Tournaments form ( This includes the contact details of the senior affiliated member of Archery NZ and their ANZ number so that any queries can be sent their way.

Minor tournaments do not need to be approved. Once the form is sent, the tournament may be published online (ArcheryOSA) and advertised.

Once the tournament is finished, results must be published publicly (ArcheryOSA). To review the rules, scroll to the bottom of this page.

Major Tournaments:

Major Tournaments need to be registered with the Tournaments Registrar. Click here to complete the Major or World Archery (WA) Star Registration form:

World Archery Registered tournaments are the same as Major, but with an added fee to World Archery. You can also claim World Archery badges and records from these types of events so that is always a benefit to your archers!

Any questions please email to [email protected].

Once you have completed your Tournament Registration Form and submitted it, you will need to set your event up in ArcheryOSA so that it will show on the Archery NZ Tournament Calendar. You can also run your entries through the system to streamline things.

Once the tournament is finished, results must be published publicly (ArcheryOSA). You must also submit the Tournament Completion Form.

Archery NZ Results

All results are to be submitted through Archery OSA.  If you need support with this please contact [email protected].
At the event, please remind archers that it is their responsibility to ensure that they keep and can produce a verified copy of any score sheet that they may want to rely on as evidence of achieving a score. These may be requested by the selection panel. A photo of a verified scoresheet is acceptable. Archery OSA results and verified scoresheets are the only forms that will be accepted by the selection panel.

Trophy Information

If you need information on a particular trophy or what is awarded at North Island or South Island Championships (for example), download the Trophy Information document.


North Island Championships

The North Island Senior and Youth Championships are rotated around the North Island Districts each year. Here are the following rotations for the next five years:

Senior Championships:

2023: Wellington Archery Association
2024: Eastern Central Bay of Plenty Archery Association
2025: Auckland District Archery Association
2026: Wellington District Archery Association

Youth Championships:

2023: Eastern Central Bay of Plenty Archery Association
2024: Auckland District Archery Association
2025: Wellington Archery Association
2026: Eastern Central Bay of Plenty Archery Association

For any specific requests, please contact [email protected]



ANZ Scoresheets

This is a zip file containing a series of standard score sheets for your club or tournament use. It is highly recommended to use these score sheets for all tournaments so that archers become used to a standard scoring format.  This will help tournament organisers and assist in minimising errors.

Most of the regular rounds that are shot have been included, as well as a generic score sheet that may be useful for various club shoots, all can be printed on an A4 page.  They are available in Microsoft Excel format, so that clubs may add logos, tournament names and dates.


Registered Minor Tournament Rules (reminder)

A minor tournament is a properly organised and controlled shoot of any Archery NZ or World Archery round (as listed in the shooting rules), where the following Association awards may be won:

  • Certain Merit Pins and some Perfect pins (eg Clout)

It needs to be officiated by a senior affiliated member of Archery NZ who shall certify the following:

The target faces were of the approved World Archery type, carrying the World Archery registration number and date.

  1. The shooting ground was correctly laid out.
  2. Only the permissible number of practice and scoring ends had been shot.
  3. The correct timing of ends was used (where appropriate).
  4. All minor tournaments must be registered with the Tournament Registrar. Results must be published publicly after the tournament is held.