Anti Doping Rules

Anti Doping Rules

Archery New Zealand supports Drug Free Sport NZ in their aim to maintain a sporting environment which universally rejects cheating through the use of prohibited drugs and methods.

Our full Anti-Doping Policy can be downloaded here

DFSNZ 2023 Anti-Doping Information (Download)


Therapeutic Use Exemptions

As you may or not know there are times we the athletes have to take prescribed or over the counter medicines for illness, pain, etc. A lot of these 'medications' are on a prohibited list that is updated from time to time by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA); the latest list is online at

If you are tested and found to have prohibited drugs in your system the penalties are very severe, no matter how many times you told them that you “would not have taken them if you had known”, “the coach said it would be alright” or “my mate takes them and said there's no problem”....You the athlete should check and be knowledgeable about your medication. I repeat, you the athlete are responsible for the medication(s) that you take. 

So what to do for prescribed drugs? 

You and your doctor print out and fill in the Therapeutic Use Exemption form and send to Drug Free Sport NZ, it's all confidential. The Agency will decide and will probably allow an exemption to the prescribed drugs.