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Archery New Zealand Shooting Rules

PLEASE NOTE that the Archery NZ Shooting Rules have been updated and consolidated as at December 2018 and circulated to all Judges. If anyone requires a copy please download from the blue column. The correct file is labelled ANZ Shooting Rules 2018.

For any enquiries please contact Logan Andrew.


Dear Clubs and Tournament Organisers

On 1 October 2019 the new shooting rules regarding Intermediate, Cub and Kiwi compound archers, that have been previously communicated, including at the 2019 AGM, took force.

In summary the rules for these archers now are:

Rule 3.4 1440 rounds

These rules have not changed from what they were -

1440 rounds are shot with 122cm faces for the two longest distances, and 80cm faces for the two shortest distances.

80cm spot faces (10 to 5 ring) are to be used for all divisions except Youth Intermediate, Cub and Kiwi, and Barebow and Longbow, who shoot a full 80cm face.

  • 1440 Intermediate Men and Women 36 @ 55, 45, 35, 25m
  • 1440 Cub Men and Women 36 @ 40, 35, 30, 25m
  • 1440 Kiwi Men and Women 36 @ 25, 20, 15, 10m

Rule 3.5 Other World Archery Rounds

The 18m indoor round rules have changed for Intermediate compound archers -

  • For Youth archers the following will apply:
  • Intermediate Compound – 3-spot vertical face
  • Cub and Kiwi Compound – single face

Rule 3.6 Other 10 Zone Scoring Outdoor Rounds

The rules for the WA720 round have changed to the following -

  • Intermediate Ranking Round (Recurve and Compound) 72 @ 45m
  • Cub Ranking Round (Recurve and Compound) 72 @ 35m
  • Kiwi Ranking Round (Recurve and Compound) 72 @ 25m

For the outdoor rounds (in particular the 72-arrow ranking round) the following will apply for Youth

  • Intermediate Compound – 80cm 10-5 zone target face
  • Cub and Kiwi Compound – full 80cm face

It is important that the new rules are applied in all circumstances, to ensure that:

  • records can be maintained, and
  • selection policies are met.

Please direct any queries to Archery NZ's Technical Support Convenor - [email protected]