Auckland Secondary Schools Archery League

Interschool Archery League Competition Format

The Auckland Secondary Schools archery league is currently held at Auckland Archery Club and follows an event format designed by Jeanette Franklyn and has been a great success. It is supported by College Sport Archery in Auckland.

The event format has been outlined in this document so that other regions may utilise the same format and run their own interschool competition in their region. You can also find some protocol documentation below, as well as links to results.

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Shooting Protocol for Inter-School Championships (PDF)


Notes for Archers arriving at Auckland Archery Club:

Recurve Archers:
Divisions A & B will run from 4.15-5.15pm.  Please be there by 4pm to set up and get ready out on the line.
Division C will run from 5.15pm-6.15pm.  Please be there by 5pm.
Compound Archers: 
All compound archers from all schools will shoot at 5.15pm – 6.15pm.  Please be at the Auckland Archery Club by 5pm.
The target draw for the day will be up in the clubhouse on the whiteboard and also out on the Board outside.
Please wear your school PE uniform and closed in shoes.
Jeanette Franklyn
AKSS Archery.



Results date from 2015 to the present.


Auckland Secondary Schools Archery Handbook 2013

Auckland Secondary Schools Archery Entry Form 2013


QUICKLINK- Archived Results