Youth Postal Rounds

All junior archers who are members of Archery NZ are entitled to join into the Postal rounds.

Youth rounds must be shot under club conditions, which means a club member (who is not your parent) must be in attendance, to verify scores, and oversee arrow calling.

In 2019 we are introducing scoring through the Archery OSA system so that results are updated automatically. These can be entered by the individuals or if clubs wish to take this on for their shoots they can enter them on behalf of the archers.

Go to the ArcheryOSA website at You'll need a login for this website; if you don't have one already, you can make one by clicking "Register" under the profile icon in the upper right corner of the site.

- Once you're logged in, first clink on 'Events' and enter the months round. When you have shot your scores click on "Submit Scores!" at the top. You'll see a list of open scoring events (events into which you can submit your scores). Choose <name of event> by clicking on it.

- You'll be at a screen which states the event, your name, and the distance, with blanks for you to fill in your score, including:

-- Score (this is the total arrow score you shot in the round)

-- Total Hits (this is the number of arrows that hit and scored. If I had one miss in a 36-arrow round, I would enter "35" here.)

-- Total 10s & Xs (this is the total number of times you hit within the 10-ring and X-ring)

-- Total Xs (this is the total number of times you hit within the X-ring only)

Once you have filled these in, press "Submit". If you've left any blanks or put in odd values, the form may ask you to correct these. Otherwise, you should see a message that your scores have been submitted.

Once you see this, you can close the ArcheryOSA website.

If you realise later that you've made an error, or need further help, please contact [email protected].

Follow the guide for target sizing and distances for each age group. If you have not had the chance at your club to attend a Youth shoot, but had attended a World Archery tournament, or a recent tournament score in the relevant round was higher, you may use that score. Each age group/distance has a pin score. This is set at a reasonable level to encourage or give a target to aim at (excuse the pun).

If you can reach that score you know you are doing well, now can you keep doing it! 3 pinscores and you can claim a pinscore badge from [email protected]