Welcome to Youth Archery

Youth is the junior section of Archery New Zealand and was formed to help cater for young archers in New Zealand. Before Youth Archery was formed in New Zealand all juniors, no matter what their age, competed against one another. So a 17 year old stood beside an 8 year old shooting for the same trophies and medals. Youth Archery (formerly known as JAMA - Junior Archer Members Association) was formed to make junior archery a much fairer system and now has 5 different age divisions from U11 to U21.

Youth Archery has their own Maori Motto; Ko ngā Rangatahi ngā Rangatira mō āpōpō.
This translated means; the youth of today are the champions of tomorrow.

Monthly Postal Shoots

The monthly postal shoot involves young archers in New Zealand by holding postal shoots which are shot each month (except for December and January) at local clubs.

Each month a different round is shot. From May to September, we use an indoor round. From October to May, we use an outdoor round.

These shoots are held at each individual club and the highest score shot each month are sent in to the Youth Postal League Co-ordinator who co-ordinates the scores. Certificates are presented to the first 3 placing of each division. 

For more information please review the Postal Rounds page.

Junior Tournaments

Individual clubs host tournaments during the year solely for Youth Archery.

The North Island and South Island Youth Championships are outdoor tournaments which are held over 2 full usually in February or March and have, for the past few years, been held in Rotorua for North Island, and in Christchurch for the South Island. These outdoor tournaments are shot from various distances for juniors’ relevant ages. The youngest - U11 can shoot from as close as 15 metres while the older U21 can shoot as far as 90 metres.

These Tournaments are particularly important for those aspiring for Trans-Tasman Team selection:

South Island Youth Champs

North Island Youth Champs

Youth archers also compete in the National Indoor Championships which is held during the winter months. All competitors at the indoor tournaments shoot from a distance of 18 metres into smaller target faces.

Badges and awards

Youth badges and pins can be achieved at any major outdoor tournament where a junior has competed at their relevant World Archery (WA) or Youth distance or above. The postal round badge system can also be claimed through club shoots.

Badges and pins may be claimed as long as the archer shoots in their correct age group or a higher age group at a registered major tournament or national event.


Each badge and pin costs $10.

The postal round badge system is the only exception, with the starter badge and ribbon costing $10 and each bar $5.

Payment can be paid in cash, cheque, or via online banking (Kiwibank 38-9015-0468141-01 include ‘Surname’ and ‘Youth Pins’ in payment details)


Each claim form must be accompanied by an original or copy of the scoresheet. The claim form should be filled out correctly, and more than one claim can be made per claim form. The scoresheet must be signed by all parties, with perfects clearly outlined by the judge, and the claims entered into the claim box. If the scoresheet does not have a claim box the claims should be written somewhere on the scoresheet. The exception is the postal badge system where the claim form only needs to be signed by the club Youth coordinator.

All badges can be claimed only once, unless claiming for a broken badge. In this case the badge should either be posted back or a photo should be sent to the Youth Awards Registrar. A replacement will be sent. If badges are lost (or stolen) an archer is able to purchase new replacement badges or pins.

Those shooting in the Cadet and Junior divisions are also eligible to claim WA badges and pins.

Claims are to be sent to: [email protected]


Youth also have pinscores each month, with the indoor and outdoor monthly shoots. Pinscores are scores which juniors strive to achieve and are looked on as a great achievement.

When you have gained one pinscores indoors, or one pinscores outdoors, you may claim either an indoor or an outdoor pinscore badge at a cost of $10. You may only claim one pinscore per month (per division.)

Types of Pins

Please check out the file below (and attached right) for more information on which pins can be claimed: 

Youth Awards Claim Guidelines 

Download Claim Form

The pins are Youth 1440, Youth 720, Indoor pins, Postal Round pins, Outdoor Perfect and Indoor Perfect pins.


NZ Junior teams

Juniors have the opportunity to trial for NZ Junior teams to compete against other juniors from around the world. Each archer must meet the required criteria to be considered for any teams.


Every second year Archery New Zealand selects a junior team to compete against Australia. This competition is called the Trans-Tasman. Please check the link on this page for more information.

This is a self funded event of which is located either in New Zealand or Australia on a rotating basis. 

Prime Minister's Athlete Scholarships

Prime Minister’s Athlete Scholarship applications usually open on 1 November each year.

Programme information, guides, draft application forms and closing dates available here.

Check out the "Youth Zone" on the World Anti Doping Website

... some great information for kids and parents, plus some interactive games... https://www.wada-ama.org/en/what-we-do/education-awareness/youth-zone

How do I find out more about junior archery?

Most archery clubs in New Zealand have a Youth section. Please click the Youth Contacts link - this will give you the name of your local archery clubs Youth contact. They will be able to give you all information regarding becoming a member of Archery New Zealand and Youth Archery.

For further information please contact the Youth Coordinator on [email protected].