Award Pins and Claim Form

You can claim a variety of award pins from our Pins and Badges Registrar for your efforts in archery. Each badge or pin costs $10. Pins can only be claimed for once (eg you can only claim one 60m perfect), but if you break or lose a pin, you may purchase a replacement.

The claim form is here:

email: [email protected] for any questions you might have.

You can also check out the poster and download that for your club to clarify any of the information you need!

As per the Shooting Rules you can claim a variety of pins including:

  • Perfect pins, for shooting 6 arrows in the gold (for a 6 arrow end) or 3 arrows in the ten zone (for a 3 arrow end).
  • Merit pins, for shooting a specific score in a specific Archery NZ recognised round (an achievement system)
  • Elite pins, for shooting even higher scores in the Archery NZ recognised rounds (an achievement system)
  • Clout pins in major or minor tournaments
  • Merit Stars, for shooting scores in 1440 rounds at an RMT or NZ Major tournament
  • Indoor Merit pins, for shooting scores in indoor rounds at major or minor tournaments
  • World Archery Stars and Target awards, for shooting scores in 1440 or 720 rounds at a WA-Registered tournament
  • Youth archers can also use the same form for claiming Youth awards in 1440, 720, Indoor and Postal League rounds