Postal League 2017-18 Season Draw Revealed!

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Postal League 2017-18 Season Draw Revealed!

11 October, 2017

Summer Teams Postal League 2017-18

Hi All

Welcome to another Season of the Archery NZ Teams Postal. Especially to the 6 new teams that we have this season!!!
Please use the new Score sheet when doing returns, but If you don't have access to Excel please let me know an I can send a Word Sheet.
Please when sending in you result sheet send the Filled in Excel sheet, Please do not sent results as a PDF, as this takes much more time to process.
You are probably all keen to know the results for the two proposed rule changes, so here you are:

  • For the first change to allow Kiwi, Cubs and Intermediate youth to shoot 45,35 & 25 mtrs, was passed 25 votes to 3 (note there were some teams that didn’t vote)
  • For the Second change to be able to shoot at different Times on the same day, it was passed with 16 for and 12 against. This second rule allows the shoot to be shot at different times in the same day. Note that no archer can shoot this twice in the same day. As previously, you can shot more than once in the same month, and submit your best result for that round.
  • You will also note that to balance the divisions, from division 4 down that more teams were promoted than required to fill in gaps. And also divisions 5, 6 and 7, I have put 5 teams in each division to balance the numbers.

If you have any questions please e-mail.

Kerry Hoole
Teams Postal Coordinator

The Draw is now available here and also for download here.