Archery NZ Draft Constitution Consultation

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Archery NZ Draft Constitution Consultation

Archery NZ Draft Constitution Consultation

25 July, 2022

Since the last consultation sessions with members and clubs in April and May, we sought survey feedback on the draft Constitution and Rules.  We have also received a legal review, and adapted for that feedback.  The Board of Archery NZ would like to thank our members and clubs for their time taken to provide review and comment - this helps shape a more robust Constitution.

Please find with this article the revised drafts of the Constitution and Admin Rules, along with updated FAQs.  Updates since the previous shared version have been shown in blue within the documents.

The main changes since the April/May consultation includes:

  • Full Individual Membership class now split into Shooting and Non-Shooting membership classes (both have full voting rights)
  • Simplified voting method for Board member elections
  • Refinement to removal of a board member & disqualification from being a board member
  • Quorum adjusted to 10% of membership.  For AGMs only, if quorum is not achieved 30min after the start of the meeting, the quorum is adjusted to match the number of Full Individual Members present
  • Members of multiple ANZ-affiliated clubs only pay for ANZ membership through their nominated primary club
  • Postal ballots removed - all ballots would be electronic ballots (with courier for those members without email)

We will be hosting a final consultation Zoom call to share the updates, and answer any Q&As.  The ballot will be sent to members in the coming weeks.  The details of the consultation session is below:

Topic: ANZ Constitution Consultation with Members and Clubs

Time: Aug 10, 2022 07:00 PM Auckland, Wellington

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 897 0406 1157

Passcode: 604730

Incorporated Societies Act 2022 Update

Many clubs will be dealing with how to address the Incorporated Societies Act 2022.  All incorporated societies will need to re-register under the Act, however the regulations for the new act have not yet been drawn up and shared - these are expected at the end of 2022.  Until these regulations are released, incorporated societies will not have full visibility of whether their constitution will be compliant or not.

Incorporated Societies will need to re-register a compliant constitution between October 2023 and April 2026.  Please find with this article a summary of the key changes in the act.

Our new clubs committee will review how Archery NZ can best support our affiliated clubs through the process of re-registration.  An idea currently being reviewed is to seek legal review of a best-practice template constitution suitable for archery clubs, that clubs can then adapt for use.