World-level ChronoTir timing devices to be used at World Masters Games

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World-level ChronoTir timing devices to be used at World Masters Games

8 April, 2017

Chronotir has been used in many archery events for many years, and this April it will be a part of the World Masters Games in Auckland. The Chronotir unit, designed and manufactured in France, is a LED display with wireless technology that allows for precise timing during target archery tournaments, giving clarity to officials and competitors. Each unit has also the benefit of being able to be used during match-play competitions for individuals and teams including alternate arrow shooting.

Archery NZ purchased three sets of the Chronotir timing equipment for the Games, and we are particularly grateful to Philippe Bouclet, the then President of the French Archery Federation for his kind support in the negotiations with Chronotir. Chronotir has been incredibly supportive of the event, giving us a generous 50% discount, hand-packaging the equipment and shipping it literally to our doorstep in less than a week from order.

Chronotir went above and beyond the call of duty to support Archery NZ in this event: because the French electrical system has different plugs they even sent us 6 adapters so we could use the equipment in New Zealand without any problem!

With this level of support, Archery NZ will have a significant amount of equipment to run future major events in this country. Thanks Chronotir for your support!