World Cup Shanghai 2018

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World Cup Shanghai 2018

World Cup Shanghai 2018

26 April, 2018

Reporting from Shanghai 2018!

Everyone arrived safely.

Official  Practice day: in the competition field. Weather settled in the morning for the Compound practice, but rain for the recurve practice.

There are 114 Recurve men, 91 Recurve women, 81 compound women and 71 compound men competing. The format is different for this WC event – with the compound ranking, individual and team matches on the 25th and Recurve on Wednesday the 26th.

Day 2 – Qualification round – Compound Team.

The weather in Shanghai was 14 degrees C: COLD and the wind was swirling around the stadium. The  ranking round  went well with the high quality and competitive archers in the compound competition.

Lisa and Elizabeth were up against each other in the individual Matchplay  1/48 round, with Elizabeth winning. Elizabeth then was up against the 16th ranked archer  from Russia (Natalia Avdeeva) and won by 1 pt.

The Teams Matchplay 1/12 round saw the NZ Mens Team win their match against Thailand and the NZ Womens team lose their match against Kazakhstan. Mixed Team Matchplay was a little  ‘nail biting’ with Brian and Elizabeth winning by 1 point against the 13th ranked Russian team.

Well done to all the compound archers and great support from the recurve team members. 

Day 3- recurve qualifying round and elimination rounds.

This day was hot and sunny, a welcome change from Tuesday. This was also the longest day on the programme with the mixed teams 1/12 round starting at 7pm, under lights.

The ranking round went well, with the high quality and competitive archers in the recurve competition. Most of the team made the cut-off for the elimination matches: individuals, women's team  and mixed team. All matches were valiantly fought against much higher ranked archers. While not going forward to the next round of competition all the archers have gained from the experience of this level of competition.

Day 4 - Individual & team eliminations

Weather – sunny and warm. Elizabeth had a 1/16 match against 17th ranked Andrea Marcos from Spain, well fought but lost by 3 points.

The Compound Mens team (Brian, Marcus and Rynard), competed in the 1/16 round against the number 1 ranked Korean team. A very valiant effort against a team who only dropped 2 points!

All the team matches and individual matches up to and including the semi-finals were completed today – it was great to see all the action with some very closely contested matches.

Day 5 – Mixed teams matches up to Semi- finals

Weather – hot. Brian/Elizabeth were first up in the 1/8th match against the Chinese Taipei Mixed Team. After two ends they had not dropped a point, but Chinese Taipei came back and they had two perfect ends, winning the match 158 to 156. Nail biting stuff from audience perspective. A great effort from the NZ archers and wonderful support from the rest of the team in the stands. There were a few surprises amongst the rest of the Compound Mixed Teams with Korea, Denmark, India and Turkey going forward to the mixed team medal matches and Turkey, Korea, USA and Indonesia in the Recurve Mixed team finals.

Compound Finals Saturday and Recurve Finals Sunday. Both are live on World Archery TV on YouTube so make sure you watch!