Updated Shooting Rules and Tournament Rules

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Updated Shooting Rules and Tournament Rules

23 December, 2021

The Governance Committee has updated the Shooting Rules and Tournament Rules. There have been some minor changes for corrections and renumbering. A full list of changes are noted in the appendix of each document. The following major changes have been made:

  • Addition of Traditional Bow Division - as recently voted into World Archery Rules for 15 January 2022 adoption. WA recognises this division only for 3D archery, however ArcheryNZ will recognise this division for all rounds
  • Addition of Para Archery Divisions - Para Recurve, Para Compound, Para W1 (Wheelchair), VI1 (Visually Impaired), VI2/3 (Visually Impaired). These para archery divisions will be able to be shot alongside able-bodied athletes, and when they do so, will utilise the able-bodied timing per arrow.

Updated shooting rules here