Registered Minor Tournament (RMT) Announcement

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Registered Minor Tournament (RMT) Announcement

Registered Minor Tournament (RMT) Announcement

11 December, 2017

Archery New Zealand is pleased to announce that moving forward Minimum Qualifying scores (MQS) shot in Registered Minor Tournaments (RMT) will now be accepted by Archery New Zealand for consideration in selection.

This decision has come as a result of the High-Performance Working groups review of how to progress the sport forward and to ensure that our athletes are provided with regular opportunities to shoot the rounds relevant to competitive archery.

With this in mind the following points are important:

  1. Registered minor tournaments must be appropriately registered as per the form on the Archery New Zealand website and follow the regulations governing these tournaments.
  2. Results from the RMT must be forwarded to [email protected] as well as the RMT registar
  3. MQS scores from an RMT will only be accepted from the 72-arrow round.
  4. Scores achieved in RMT’s will not be included in the rankings or records.
  5. Archers who achieve MQS scores in an RMT must also show evidence that they are actively competing in tournaments beyond their own club prior to any international representation.

This change has not been made to replace or remove the importance of Major Tournaments but to support all clubs, especially smaller ones, in being able to run regular relevant 72 arrow round competitions to provide athletes the opportunities to achieve qualifying scores.

We hope these changes allow us to see a full shooting calendar moving forwards.