To All Clubs Registering Major/WA Tournaments

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To All Clubs Registering Major/WA Tournaments

19 December, 2017

As per the Archery NZ Tournament Regulations there will be no major or WA tournaments, which are scheduled to be held prior to the last weekend (24/25th) in February 2018, accepted for registration, as this does not fit within the period stated in the Rules below.

1.4 Major Tournaments

To qualify for major status, a tournament must meet the following conditions:

i. the event must be registered with the Association at least two months before the starting date.

All requests for tournaments scheduled for 24/25th February 2018 or later will be accepted so long as they fit within the Tournament Regulations.

The process for registering tournaments is also being looked at.

Currently all applications go to the Tournament Registrar for registration. Once the request is accepted the Club needs to send a copy of the entry form to the Webmaster so that it can be entered into the Archery NZ calendar on the website.

There has been a breakdown over the past year with the registering and advertising of tournaments but we are endeavouring to sort this out and make sure that the Clubs can get their tournaments registered and advertised as soon as possible.

At this stage the Archery NZ is up to date with the tournaments that have been registered, whether as RMT, Major or WA.

At the conclusion of the tournament the Tournament Completion form must be completed and signed by the LOC, the DoS and the Judges present and returned to the Tournament Registrar.


Results go to the following;

[email protected]                           To validate claims for pins

[email protected]                    For the Selection Panel   

[email protected]                                 For the Ranking List

[email protected]                                      For Tournament Records

[email protected]                          To determine Judges’ Levies

[email protected]                        To be posted on the website

Judges’ Convenor

Colin Mitchell