Tech Support Committee - Summary of Major Changes to WA Rules

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Tech Support Committee - Summary of Major Changes to WA Rules

Tech Support Committee - Summary of Major Changes to WA Rules

10 January, 2022

The Technical Support committee advise of the following changes made to World Archery Rules.

Major Changes starting 15th January 2022:

Equipment Failure/Medical Events during Qualification (i.e.: everything except match play):

Additional time will no longer be given for equipment failures or medical events.  Feedback to WA has been critical, and further changes may be made next season.  Archery NZ may choose to modify the NZ rules to allow equipment failures and medicals to be given additional time as per the current rules, but this would not apply to any WA Registered events.

Televised Finals Uniform:

Any underclothing worn under uniforms must now match the predominant colour of the uniform, or be white. Minor details, logos, and/or designs on the underclothing may be a different colour.

Para Team Events:

For Para Athletes, the mixed team event is now a doubles event. This means two athletes of the same category (both age class and bow type/division) form a team, rather than requiring mixed genders. There have also been minor changes to lane widths for Para events (minimums are now direct multiples of 1.25m, the minimum for a wheelchair athlete).

Barebow Vibration Dampers:

While stabilisers are still not allowed, there have been changes to allow greater flexibility with weights and dampers.  Both manufacturer installed and custom vibration dampers are allowed, and can be attached to the riser either directly or on top of weights.  The restriction on only installing weights in the lower half of the riser has been removed, but under no circumstances may the weights or dampers assist with aiming or ranging and all equipment must fit within a 12.2cm ring (without flexing).  Angled stabiliser inserts installed by the manufacturer are allowed to be used, but no angular brackets or connectors installed separately are allowed.

Age Category Names:

Cadet is now “U18”, Junior is now “U21”, and Masters is now “50+”.

Equipment Inspection

At World Cups, World Championships, and Olympics, equipment inspection will be strictly optional. There will be more spot checks during events to compensate, and official practice durations will be reduced.

Major Changes starting 1st March 2022:

Timing to Shoot during Qualification (i.e.: everything except match play):


Timing is changing at the stated events from 40 seconds per arrow (4 minutes for six and 2 minutes for two arrows) to 30 seconds per arrow (3 minutes for six and 90 seconds for three arrows).

Para athletes will get an additional 10 seconds per arrow ONLY AT PARA ONLY EVENTS; if shooting at an able bodied event, they get the same length of time as an able bodied athlete (30 per arrow).

This rule will be reviewed and potentially adopted for all WA events in March 2023, pending feedback from organisers and athletes over the coming season.


For more details, please look at the rules/bylaws/interpretations on the World Archery website, or contact the Technical Support Group at [email protected].