Restructure Ballot Update

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Restructure Ballot Update

10 February, 2016


Hard copies of the 2016 Restructure Ballot are being posted 10th February 2016 to those members without email addresses or those who have the same email address as another member.

On Friday 12th February all those eligible to vote who will be voting electronically will receive a lead in email about the ballot and a password which will allow them access to vote. There is only 1 ballot vote able to be posted from anyone email address - so the first person alphabetically on the membership list is the person who can vote by this method, the others will receive the hard copy.

On Monday 15th an email invitation to the ballot will be sent.  This will have a link for which members will need the password to access the voting area.

Voting closes and ballots need to be returned by 11.45pm 29th Feb 2016.

Please take this opportunity to have your say.

Karen Moffatt-McLeod
Vice President, ArcheryNZ
Convenor, Selection Panel



Voting on the possible restructure of ArcheryNZ will be taking place soon. 

If you wish to read the Restructure Report click here.

For those members who were not present at the Archery NZ AGM on Thursday 7th January 2016 as Convenor of the Restructure Committee I need to give you an update.

It was explained at the AGM that the email list that had been used to send the link to the Restructure Ballot had a number of non-current Archery NZ members on it and a number of members missing.   The email also went to members who are under the age of 14 years and not eligible to vote.  Thus there may have been votes cast by people who were not current members and a number of current members who were not invited to vote so did not have the opportunity to vote.

This coupled with the extremely disappointing voting numbers left me in a position that I could not release the results and be confident that they were in fact what Archery NZ Members voted for and wanted.

As a result, a motion was put to the 2016 AGM that the “Restructure Ballot be declared null and void.”  The motion was passed.

It was decided that the Ballot will be send out again early February to the most current list of Archery NZ members.  To avoid people voting more than once the link will allow a one-time use only.  For those families or friends who share a common email address, the link will be sent to the first person on the membership list (alphabetically) and hard copies of the voting papers will be posted to each other member on that email address.

Mr Bernie Fraser & Mr Cedric Gorman are our scrutineers for the ballot.

I implore all of the members of Archery NZ 14 years old and upwards to vote when the ballot comes out.  You as members are Archery NZ and this is your opportunity to have a say in the structure we want for the future.


Karen Moffatt-McLeod

Convenor, Restructure Committee