Postal League Results December/January 2020

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Postal League Results December/January 2020

Postal League Results December/January 2020

18 February, 2020

With round 3 we saw the return of Fiji with them getting their first scores in for the year and beating Tauranga A with them in Division 6, Mana returned another good result keeping them at the top of Division 5.

In Division 4 we have the unusual situation the Randwick C is ahead of Randwick B which is likely to change when they go against each other in this round. This will give a chance for Auckland C to catch up and have a three way race into the last round.

Division 3 is being led by Geraldine with Mountain Green B and Auckland B nipping at their heels.

Randwick's A team has a solid total score in Division two but with the same number of match points as Greenwood so could still go to either, but perhaps we should not discount River Glade B at this point either.

Then up in Division One, Mt Green cemented its lead with a win against Auckland A, but can’t relax yet, with a re-surging River Glade and unpredictable Manawatu yet to face.

Round 4 is a two month round (Feb.-March) for all EXCEPT Division 6. Division 6 has a round for each month. this is due to there only having 4 teams and doing a double Round Robin. So Tauranga, Fiji and Dunedin remember you need to shoot a round for February and another in March (as well as one in April).

Results and standings can be found here: