Olympic selection clarification

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Olympic selection clarification

4 August, 2016

Due concerns over misinformation being circulated regarding the process required for Olympic qualification to represent New Zealand, the following information has been provided by the NZOC.

The Olympic Charter sets out National Olympic Committee’s (NZOC’s) role in the Olympic Movement.
Refer to Rule 27.3 (page 62).

“The NOCs have the exclusive authority for the representation of their respective countries at the Olympic Games and at the regional, continental or world multi-sports competitions patronised by the IOC.”

Here is a link to the Olympic Charter:


The ability to represent NZ at the Olympic Games in terms of the selection process is three fold:

1. You must meet the qualification criteria of your International Federation
(i.e. there must be a quota place in order to have a place at the Games);

2. You must meet the nomination criteria of your International Federation 
(i.e. your national federation must nominate you to the NZOC);

3. You must meet the selection policy of the NZOC
(i.e. for Olympic Games you must be capable of a top 16 placing, with the potential to place in the top 8).

You cannot go without meeting ALL three requirements. Funding is irrelevant as once you are in an Olympic team you are funded to the Games. 199 athletes meet this criteria to be selected for the NZ team for Rio 2016.