News from the recent World Archery Oceania Congress

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News from the recent World Archery Oceania Congress

25 April, 2020

It's traditional for the World Archery Oceania Congress to take place at the biennial Oceania Continental tournament which was this year scheduled for Suva, Fiji in early April until COVID19 got in the way. With the postponement of the tournament the Congress was delayed and finally took place, online for the first time, last Sunday.


The challenges of differing time zones and varying wifi connectivity were successfully negotiated and it was an interesting three hours, well organised, and well subscribed by Oceania member federations. It was especially pleasing to have Tom Dielen, Secretary General of World Archery, and Cushla Matheson, Oceania Development Agent, participating in the Congress.


Archery New Zealand was represented at the event by Chair Elizabeth Elkins as voting delegate along with General Manager Mike Thompson and Deputy Chair Lexie Matheson as non-voting observers.


The Archery New Zealand board would like to extend congratulations to Suzanne Womersley, Australia, who was re-elected President and to George Fong from Fiji who was newly elected to the role of Treasurer. Katherine Gougeon, Nouvelle Calédonie, and Patsy Vercoe from Manawatu Archery Club continue in the current roles of Vice President and Secretary General respectively.


Of most interest to Archery New Zealand members will be the news that the postponed 2020 Oceania Continental Tournament is now scheduled for April 2021, all things going well and, happily, again in Suva, Fiji.


The Oceania Council was also pleased to announce successful bids for the subsequent three tournaments. These are scheduled for Tahiti in 2022, the Solomon Islands in 2024, and Auckland, New Zealand in 2026. This is exciting for New Zealand because, not only does it give us all something to look forward to that will happen on our own patch, it also gives us plenty time to make 2026 the best Oceania Tournament ever.


The ANZ board is enthusiastic about taking its place on the regional and world stages and the time is right to plan for this now. The last time the Oceania tournament was held in New Zealand was in Whitianga in 2012. This is something enjoyable to work towards as we make our way out of the maze that is Level 3 COVID-19 towards better times when it will be possible to go back to our clubs, roll out the targets, and shoot arrows again.


Please take care, look after yourselves and all those in your bubble, wash your hands, and keep your gear ready and in the best condition possible for that special opening day.


Lexie, Deputy Chair

Archery New Zealand Board