Migration of Membership System

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Migration of Membership System

Migration of Membership System

8 October, 2018

The migration of the membership database from the old system to the new system is now complete.

For those members who use a common email address you will need to set up separate email addresses as we can only have 1 member per email address (this also helps when electronic ballots are needed for voting). If you can do this in the next few days and send an email to [email protected] with the members name and the new email address so this can be manually updated in the database and invoices issued.

Existing 2017-2018 members will receive an invoice for their 2018-2019 membership fees. As per many requests members are now able to pay via credit or debit card as well as the bank transfer for those that still prefer that method. Remember we need you to reference your membership number along with surname & initials so we know who has paid.

For those members who which to move up to a different membership level from their 2017-2018 membership, please email [email protected] and advise your name, membership number and which level you wish to apply for and you will be re-issued an invoice to reflect this. Do not pay on the invoice you receive if this is not your preferred membership level, wait for the new one.

To date only 4 people have emailed advising they have already paid membership - if you have paid already, you will still receive an invoice, but these will be manually off-set to your payment. If you are not one of those 4 who have advised that you have already paid, please do so to enable this to be done.

Archery NZ now invite existing 2017-2018 members to log on to: https://archery-nz.tidyhq.com/

Enter your email address (that you registered with last season). You will be asked to set your own password, then taken to your profile. Please check your details update any that have changed or are not correct and fill in any gaps.

Questions such as "ethnicity" are not mandatory, but we do ask that you consider completing these fields as this helps considerably with the reporting that is required by one of our key stakeholders, Sport NZ.

For those new members there will be a link on the website set up or they can go directly to https://archery-nz.tidyhq.com/. This will take you the TidyHQ Archery NZ page. Select "login", put in your email address and ask to "create an account" you will then be sent a link to your email so you can set up a password. Once you are in select "ArcheryNZ" and you will be offered a list of membership options. Once this has been completed, you will receive an invoice for payment.

If you have been a member in the past, but not in the 2017-2018 season, please email [email protected] with your old membership number (if you still have it) First Name, Surname, preferred email address (if it is not the one you are sending the email from) and level of preferred membership and you will be manually added to the database and invoiced.

A new "Volunteer" level has been set up. This has no charge, but we want those who volunteer their time in the archery world to feel like they also belong to our community and they can be kept up to date with archery news. Feel free to let the volunteers at your club know they are welcome to do this if they choose.

*Please note if Clubs do en-bulk memberships due to the Archery NZ Membership being part of their club fee, ask your members not to pay on the invoice, but pay to the club and then pay en-bulk as usual and forward a list of the members and levels paid for. Members can still go in an access their profile and update information.

Thank you for your patience.