Judges Levies

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Judges Levies

17 August, 2017

While undertaking the preparation of the accounts for the audit now due to be carried out, it has been found that a number of clubs have not paid Judges’ Levies on all tournaments that have held over the past year or two.

On advice from the Auditor over the past couple of years regarding the collection of monies owed to Archery NZ clubs will now be invoiced for all Judges’ Levies owing rather than relying on clubs to pay at the conclusion of the tournament.

This will help Archery NZ to be more transparent with these financial transactions and it is a more professional approach to collecting the levies.

This means that when the results are forwarded to the Tournament Administrator, they will be passed to the Treasurer to determine the levies owing, and the clubs will then be sent an invoice for payment.
Most clubs have been extremely vigilant about paying the levies, but unfortunately some have not done so, whether through lack of knowledge of the processes or oversight on their behalf.

There appear to be a number of tournaments that have not had Judges’ Levies paid and invoices will be sent to those clubs. It is possible that some payments have been coded incorrectly in the Xero accounting package and if a club is sent an invoice for levies that have already been paid, I would appreciate a reply with details of this payment (date and amount).

The collection of Judges’ Levies helps the Judges to officiate at your National Tournaments, with accommodation covered for non-shooting Judges, and sometimes some travel as well. The Levies also allow the Judges’ Commission to upgrade uniforms when necessary, and to help with on-going training and seminars.

Anne Mitchell
Acting Financial Officer