Entries now open for the Postal Team's League!

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Entries now open for the Postal Team's League!

Entries now open for the Postal Team's League!

6 September, 2019

Welcome to the 2019-2020 year!

Here is the Team Registration Form for the 2019-20 season of the Archery NZ Teams postal

Can Clubs please fill in and return to me by the 22nd of September2019.

The rules are as last year, but briefly, we shoot a Canadian 900 round (30 arrows at each 55mtr, 45mtr and 35 mtr) for the  competition and  Intermediate archers and lower age divisions can shoot 45,35,25 if they wish. Each round a club can shoot  as many times as they wish in the round, but must submit all scores from the Same Day. Members can shoot at different times in the Day as long as their scores are verified by a Senior Member. Depending on the number of teams you have entered (up to 3 per club) You submit the highest scores of those ANZ members who participated each Month. For example if you have two teams entered, the top 3 scores are submitted for you’re A team and the next three for your B Team. The competition has 5 round as below

Round 1 – October

Round 2 - November

Round 3 - December and January

Round 4 – February and March

Round 5 – April

For the full set of rules for to https://www.archerynz.co.nz/nz-postal-leagues/postal-league-rules/

If you have any questions contact  me via e-mail or via the Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/ANZTEAMSPOSTAL/


Kerry Hoole

ANZ Teams Postal Coordinator

 [email protected]