Congratulations to the NZ Trans Tasman Team – the Challenge Trophy stays in New Zealand!

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Congratulations to the NZ Trans Tasman Team – the Challenge Trophy stays in New Zealand!

Congratulations to the NZ Trans Tasman Team – the Challenge Trophy stays in New Zealand!

10 May, 2023

Last month the Archery NZ Trans Tasman Team travelled to Adelaide to compete in the biannual Trans Tasman Challenge, an event that our Youth archers look forward to being selected for and then compete in.  This year it was held at the Ashton Oval in the Adelaide Hills, run by Archery South Australia on behalf of Archery Australia.  The weather was much colder than expected but the competition from the Australian archers was as tough as it has always been.

The New Zealand Team emerged victorious, ably led by Team co-Captains Ben Trim and Lily Brislen. After the points from the Individual matchplay, Mixed match play and Teams match play were added up, NZ retained the Trophy last won in 2019.

Sincere thanks must go to Sarah Newcombe the Team Manager, Pete McLean the Assistant Manager and Robbie Anderson the Team Coach.  The team travelled with a loyal group of family members that provided side-line support.

Many of the Trans Tasman team then went on to compete in the South Australian Grand Prix and World Archery Oceania Tournament held at the same venue.



U21 Male Compound     Ben Trim                                              Bronze
U18 Male Compound     Hector McNeilly                                Gold
                                                Akuhata Norman-Hewlett            Silver
                                                Logan Dittert                                      Bronze
U21 Male Recurve            Ben McLean                                        Gold
                                                Chisora Hada                                      Bronze
U21 Female Recurve       Nuala Edmundson                           Gold
                                                Lily Brislen                                           Silver
                                                Isabella Matthews                           Bronze
U18 Male Recurve            Alex Collett                                        Bronze
U18 Female Recurve       Audrey Rossolatos                           Gold
U16 Male Recurve            Thornton Wallberg                           Gold
                                                Zac Campbell                                      Silver
U16 Female Recurve       Jaeda Ala’alatoa-Dale                      Silver


Compound Division 1 Men (U21 & U18)
Hector McNeilly                                Gold
Akuhata Norman- Hewlett            Silver
Ben Trim                                               Bronze
Recurve Division 1 Men (U21 & U18)
Chisora Hada                                      Silver
Alex Collett                                         Bronze
Recurve Division 1 Women (U21 & U18)
Audrey Rossolatos                           Silver
Nuala Edmundson                           Bronze
Recurve Division 2 Men (U16 & U14)
Thornton Wallberg                           Gold
Zac Campbell                                      Silver
Recurve Division 2 Women (U16 & U14)
Jaeda Ala’alatoa-Dale                      Bronze


Compound Division 1
Ben Trim & Hector McNeilly                                         Gold

Recurve Division 1
Ben McLean & Nuala Edmundson                             Gold
Chisora Hada & Lily Brislen                                       Bronze

Recurve Division 2
Thornton Wallberg & Jaeda Ala’alatoa-Dale           Silver
Zac Campbell & Isla Parsons                                         Bronze


Compound Division 1
Hector McNeilly, Akuhata Norman-Hewlett & Logan Dittert            Gold
Ben Trim, Ben Trim & Ben Trim                                                                   Silver
Recurve Division 1
Ben McLean, Nuala Edmundson & Chisora Hada                                 Gold
Recurve Division 2
Jaeda Ala’alatoa-Dale, Thornton Wallberg & Zac Campbell              Gold