Archery NZ team to Singapore Announced

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Archery NZ team to Singapore Announced

Archery NZ team to Singapore Announced

19 April, 2023

The Archery NZ Team to attend the 2023 Archery Asia Cup Leg 3 to be held in Singapore on the 5th to 10th of June is announced.

Archery NZ and the Selection Panel would like to congratulate the following athletes that have been selected to attend this World Ranking Tournament.

The Team is:


  • Beverley Evans (Open)


  • Ben McLean (Open)
  • Finn Matheson (Open)
  • Shaun Ryan (Open)

The travelling Officials are:

  • Cushla Matheson - Coach
  • Lexie Matheson - Manager

The Archery New Zealand Board and its members congratulate all those selected. For those that did not receive a selection, we applaud your endeavours and look forward to seeing your names on further applications to attend overseas tournaments.

Further to this announcement Beverley, Shaun and Ben have decided not to travel to Singapore for various personal reasons which the Board of Archery NZ accepts.

On behalf of the Board

Vincent McCartney