Archery NZ National Outdoor Target Championships 2020

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Archery NZ National Outdoor Target Championships 2020

Archery NZ National Outdoor Target Championships 2020

27 June, 2019

Earlier this year the Board of Archery NZ had agreed to an amended programme for the 2020 Outdoor Target Championships to be held in January.

The timing of this event has now been complicated by the announcement from Archery Australia that World Archery have set the date of the World Archery Indoor Series to be hosted in Sydney as the 10th-12th January.  As Archery NZ are aware that many archers would like to take the opportunity to shoot at a World Event so close to home we propose a move of the Championships to 7-10th February.  The 6th being a public holiday would allow time for travel for many.  We do understand that the 6th February is Royle Hutton and may be able to make the range available in the afternoon for a Royle Hutton shoot for archers who are happy to stay and assist with the moving of the targets for the set up for official practice the following morning.  Bow inspection is likely to start on the morning of the 6th so the judges can get through some of the equipment checks on this day and alleviate the work load on the morning of the 7th.

Other dates were considered, and Archery NZ acknowledges that these dates clash with the South Island Masters Games, but to secure grounds and give as many archers as possible the opportunity to shoot at our National Championships we had to consider those who had sort selection for International Events such as Oceania & Oceania Youth Championships at the beginning of April then World Cup 1 at the end of April and allow enough time in between all of these events.

The Archery NZ National Outdoor Target Championships will be held at Pulman Park, Takanini Auckland.  

Programme and entries will be available in due course.  The Championships has been shortened for 2020 and will consist of a 72 arrow qualification round, Individual and Mixed Teams Match Play (2 person teams - 1 male & 1 female of the same bow type)

An announcement on the timings of the Selection Event for 2020 and the NZ leg of the Australian Match Play Series are pending, along with a 2020 Field Championships.