Archery NZ National Field Championships 2018

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Archery NZ National Field Championships 2018

Archery NZ National Field Championships 2018

19 March, 2018

Archery NZ is pleased to announce that Massey Archery Club in Auckland will be hosting the National Field Championships 2018!

The event will be held over the weekend of 12 and 13 May 2018 and will consist of:

24 target WA Unmarked

24 target WA Marked with the top 4 combined scores from each division going through to shoot off in the finals round. The finals round will consist of the following set up as per WA finals round:

Target Target Face Red Peg Blue Peg Yellow Peg
1 20cm 15m 10m 10m
2 40cm 25m 20m 15m
3 60cm 45m 45m 25m
4 80cm 60m 50m 35m

Mark these dates in your calendar. 

Further information will be released shortly.

Those archers wanting to qualify for WA World Field Championships 2018, Cortina Italy 4th-9th September are required to shoot this event. If due to unavoidable circumstances you cannot shoot at this event but have the qualifying scores required an Application for Dispensation needs to be lodged with the [email protected] before the event.