2024 Indoor League Series

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2024 Indoor League Series

2024 Indoor League Series

5 June, 2024

It's all go for the  2024 Indoor League series!

It starts on 17 June and runs for 15 weeks.

The rules are as follows:

1) The event format is a 18m, Vegas 300 round (10 ends of 3 arrows). Archers may opt to use either a 40cm single target face, or a 3 spot triangle/vertical face.
Compound and recurve score the large 10 as a 10, and the X as an X (10 points). Make sure your target faces have both if you want full scoring abilities!
2) Events shall be run to World Archery rules, but without a requirement for timing or judges.
3) Divisions shall be: Open Compound, Open Recurve, Open Recurve Barebow, Open Longbow, Open Crossbow (no gender or age divisions)
4) Participants must be members of ArcheryNZ.
5) There shall be one round per calendar week (Monday-Sunday).
6) Clubs may organise multiple timeslots to shoot the event, but competitors may only shoot one round each per week. Competitors must nominate that they are shooting a League round before commencing, and the round shall be valid for that week as soon as the first scoring end is commenced.
7) All scores must be verified by at least one member of each participating club, and entered into ArcheryOSA by midnight-Sunday
8) Entrance to the League is free of charge for all ArcheryNZ members.
9) Within each division, there shall be an overall championship and a handicapped championship:
a. The Overall Championship shall be determined based on the highest aggregate score of each archer's top 10 submitted scores.
b. The Handicapped Championship shall be determined based on the highest number of Points, awarded as follows:
i. An archer's handicap for each week is calculated = (300 - mean average of previous rounds shot to date in the calendar year). This handicap is added to the archers score to give an adjusted total.
ii. Points are awarded based on the adjusted totals as follows. There shall be no tie breaks - archers finishing on the same score shall be declared of equal position
10) Certificates will be prepared for champions in each division for both the Overall Championship and the Handicapped Championship.

YES you can enter two divisions if you want (eg one Compound, one Longbow)


Get your entries in and start shooting! https://archeryosa.com/event/details/2024-indoor-league-series-423