2021 ANZ Indoor National Championships UPDATE

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2021 ANZ Indoor National Championships UPDATE

2021 ANZ Indoor National Championships UPDATE

6 September, 2021

Regretfully, it has been decided to cancel the 2021 Indoor Nationals.  The current lockdowns across the country has meant that some of our venues have determined they are unable to run the event.  In this situation, we do not believe we can operate a safe, fair and successful multi-venue Indoor National Championships.

We are incredibly thankful to our host clubs for their support of the event.  Some of the clubs may decide to run a local event if alert levels drop sufficiently in time.

In the meantime, we are planning to set up an indoor postal competition for our archers to take part in on ArcheryOSA, to enable you to pit yourself against others from across the country.  An announcement will hopefully be made shortly about this.

Look after yourself and others, we look forward to seeing you again on the shooting line soon.

Kind regards,

Andrew Russell

Premier Events Coordinator