2020 North Island Youth Championships

This is a World Archery registered tournament. Please refer to the Archery NZ uniform regulations and ensure you follow them.

No refunds will be given after the closing date.

Medals will be awarded for the combined 720 round totals (Saturday) and separately for the matchplay results (Sunday).

If you are unsure which distance is appropriate for a 720 round for your bowtype and division, please refer to Archery NZ's youth round information: https://www.archerynz.co.nz/assets/JAMA/Archery-NZ-Youth-Postal-Rounds-2019.pdf

League Postal Competition
Start Date 14/03/20
End Date 15/03/20
Entries Close 2020-03-06

2x WA720 70m, 2x WA720 60m, 2x WA720 50m, 2x WA720 45m, 2x WA720 35m, 2x WA720 20m, 2x WA720 25m,


Event Type Competition
Email judym.48@xtra.co.nz
Host Club Tauranga Archers
Location Tauranga Archery Club range Access off Edgecombe Road or Takatimu Drive

Saturday: Double WA 720 round
Bow inspection 8:30am
Start time 9:30am (first WA 720 round)
Second WA 720 round will commence after lunch.

Sunday: Matchplay
Start time 9:00am
Elimination with individual and mixed team (3) matchplay.
Mixed teams can be three different archers within the same bowtype and distance.

Cost $60 for both days; $40 for Double WA720 only
Bank Details 03-1549-0003748-00
Bank Reference surname + NIYC
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