Ryan and Fraser Shield

Ryan and Fraser Shield Postal Tournament

The Ryan Shield (for Recurve) and the Fraser Shield (for Compound) is a tournament held once a year before Christmas. Archery NZ clubs can submit teams for the respective shields and shoot a round on a nominated date (rules below).

Archers who shoot the tournament in a team must belong to Archery NZ as a postal member or full member.

Archery NZ is currently running a trial for Barebow and Longbow archers (the Hamilton Shield) - for rules and dates please review the news article here.


This Inter-club postal team shoot for recurve or compound archers respectively, open to all clubs affiliated to Archery New Zealand. Archers with membership of more than one club may choose which club to represent, but may only represent one club per year for this competition.

The round to be shot will be the Short Ohio round, that is, 96 arrows at 46 meters on a 122cm face for recurve and 80cm face for compound, with five zone (9, 7,5,3,1). One practice end will be allowed.

Clubs may enter one or more teams in each shield, but each team must be numbered.

Teams will consist of four archers of identical bow types (all recurve for the Ryan Shield and all compound for the Fraser Shield). At least one team member must be of a different gender to the other team members. Teams may be comprised of archers of any age.

Teams will be selected before the shoot takes place and the number and names of the team or teams and competitors will be displayed on the club notice board prior to the shoot taking place. The list must not be removed until after the conclusion of the shoot.

Teams, as selected, will shoot together, on the same line, at the same time, but not necessarily at the same target. There is no requirement for the recurve and compound competitions to be shot at the same time.

The shoot may be postponed because of weather or other conditions, provided the shoot has NOT commenced. The permission of the director of shooting must be obtained to postpone the shoot. Once the shoot has started NO change may be made in the teams.

All members of the shooting team must be current financial members of Archery NZ.  If one or more members of a team are not current financial members the team scores will all be considered Null and Void.


The entry form and certified score sheets will be forwarded to the National Secretary who will be the official umpire.

Results for 2017 available here.

Presentations of the Ryan and Fraser Shields will be made at the AGM of the Outdoor National tournament the year following the shooting of the Ryan and Fraser.