Royle Hutton Annual

Royle Hutton

The Royle Hutton Annual Tournament is held every year on Waitangi Day to commemorate Royle Hutton, the founder of Youth Archery in New Zealand.

Open only to Archery New Zealand affiliated archers. This postal shoot to be shot wet or fine on Waitangi Day 6th February. To be shot under minor tournament conditions at an archery club grounds.


Round               Burton

5 x 6 arrows at each distance 55m, 46m & 37m

1 x 6 arrows sighting end at each distance

10 zone target face (10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1)

Classes            Recurve (R), Barebow (BBR), Long Bow (LB), Compound (C) and Crossbow (XB), senior (S), master(M) and junior (J)

Face sizes        Recurve, Barebow Long Bow and Compound 122cm Crossbow 60cm

Entry fee         $5.00 for both seniors and juniors

Cheques paid payable to Archery NZ Inc.

Or direct bank deposit Kiwi Bank 38 9015 0468141 01 use ‘club’ name in reference with number of archers

Prizes               Medals for all Bow types and for the three Age Divisions, Senior, Masters and Junior


Kerry Hoole

[email protected]


2019 Results

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2018 Results

See Blue Download list to the right.

Firstly apologies for the delay in getting these results out, I hope it is worth the wait. A good turnout by most clubs, with Mountain Green with 13 and Christchurch with 10 having the biggest turnouts. Also good to see a good turnout of Youth Archers and a good range of bow types with all represented. The biggest divisions were Senior Men’s Recurve and Masters Men’s Compound, both with 12 archers.

Highest score was by Dean Sheerin from Massey with 884 followed by Barbara Scott with 870 from Greenwood archers. Highest recurve score was Andrew Robertson with 831 then Wang, Hu Yue (Max) on 817. Highest Crossbow was Steve Brewer on 761, the highest Barebow was Kerry Hoole on 726 and Longbow was Roger Chan on 620.  

Things got really close in the Masters Men’s Compound with Colin Marshall and Mark Collins both scoring 863 with the winner being decided on X’s with Colin getting 24 and Mark 20 !!!

Looking forward to next year’s competition.

Kerry Hoole