What’s on in March for the Archery NZ Board

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What’s on in March for the Archery NZ Board

5 March, 2020

The next meeting of the board is scheduled for 11 March. It’s our second meeting since the board refresh and we’re really excited to connect as a board to discuss updates from our Sub-Committees as well as other activities which we have in train to support our strategy. We’ll also be discussing how we might best communicate out to you on relevant discussions and themes from our board discussions over time.

We’re really heartened by the many messages of encouragement and support you’re sending us. A huge thanks to you for this. Please keep your thoughts and feedback coming as this is really important to help us identify and refine opportunities for Archery New Zealand.

Board recruitment.  While we have filled 2 of our vacant board roles following Robyn and Colin’s recent board retirement (hopefully we’re doing you proud so far Robyn and Colin!), another board position remains open.  We are activity looking to identify someone to complete the Board; to enable the activities of the Board and to support Archery New Zealand, we are seeking a suitably skilled person with financial and governance capabilities. If you feel you might have what it takes, please connect with Lexie or myself. And if you think you might be able to add value elsewhere, we really want to hear from you also!

Housekeeping!... we’re cleaning up our email addresses.  If you are awaiting responses on recent communication, it may be a result of the changes, so for the moment feel free to reconnect via an alternative contact email… or use Facebook if you’re having trouble.  For the moment, the issue seems to be with one or two of the board member email addresses, so there isn’t a material impact expected.

Looking to the issues linked with Coronavirus (COVID19), we have a Sport NZ link on our Facebook page which can help to keep you informed as part of event participation.

Celebration time!  Congratulations to all those selected to represent New Zealand at the April 2020 Oceania Championships in Fiji and the very best of luck to you!  And the very best of luck to everyone who is participating in other events across March – and beyond.  There are a number of events scheduled across March with space still available.  Do check out our events calendar on our website and also Facebook.


Elizabeth, Lexie, Lisa, Chris, Sier and Tracy

Archery New Zealand Board