Updates from the 2017 AGM

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Updates from the 2017 AGM

15 January, 2017

Updates from the 2017 Annual General Meeting of Archery NZ

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Archery NZ Announces New Board

The Annual General Meeting of Archery NZ was held at Trentham as part of the Outdoor National Tournament and has seen several new members join the Board for 2017. The following is the membership of the new Board:

  •  President – Gary Young
  •  Vice President – Karen Moffatt-McLeod
  •  Secretary – Robyn Denton
  •  Treasurer - vacant
  •  Athletes Commission Convenor – Marcus Barclay
  •  Judges Commission Convenor – Colin Mitchell
  •  JAMA Commission Convenor – Petra Baker
  •  Coaches Commission Convenor – Scott Collett



Service Award presented to Karen Moffatt-McLeod

Archery NZ was proud to present a Service Award to Karen Moffatt-McLeod at the associations recent AGM held in Trentham.

The citation for the award read: “In recognition of outstanding service to archery New Zealand including running two National Outdoor Championships, convening the Restructure Committee, working with Sport New Zealand to ensure that Archery NZ received funding for the next four years and who, as Convener of the Selection Panel, developed policies and procedures that have streamlined the selection of athletes to represented New Zealand.”


Thanks to our volunteers

It was noted at the AGM that there are a lot of volunteers who spend hours ‘behind the scenes’ making sure that the association runs smoothly. 

This year we have had two volunteers step down from their roles, and they were thanked by the President on behalf of the members for all of their work:

  •  Tony Walker (the webmaster) has stepped down and Yiftach Swery is now undertaking this role.
  •  Kerry Turner (trophy steward) has also stepped down, and we are now looking for someone to volunteer for this role 

During the year a new position was created – Representatives Coordinator. This role will play the crucial role of linking between the Board and the athletes and officials who are representing the association at international events. The Board were pleased to appoint Doug Clayton to this role.


Donation from our Patron

The Board gratefully accepted a donation from Bernie Fraser (our association patron) at the AGM. It was again a pleasure to have Bernie join us at the nationals and to help at the various prize giving events held throughout the week of competition.



Call for registrations of interest for Treasurer Role 

The Treasurer is a key member of Archery NZ’s Executive and Board and crucial to association running a financially accurate and efficient organisation. We currently have a vacancy for this position and are urgently seeking registrations of interest from Archery NZ members who may be interested in taking up this role. The association has recently purchased the Xero Accounting Package, so some knowledge of this system would be advantageous. A copy of the position description is attached, along with a Registration of Interest form which should be completed and forwarded to the National Secretary by the end of January 2017.



Call for registrations of interest for Ballot Officer

As a result of the restructure changes implemented mid 2016, all changes to the Archery NZ Constitution and Rules are required to be voted on by members via an electronic/postal ballot. The Archery NZ Board have created a new administration role to manage this process and registrations of interest are now being called for from members would may be interested in taking up this role. 

A copy of the position description is attached, along with a Registration of Interest form which should be completed and forwarded to the National Secretary by the end of January 2017.



Call for registration of interest for Trophy Steward

We now have a vacancy for the Trophy Steward position on our administration team. The Trophy Steward role is key to ensuring that the trophies which record and celebrate the achievements of member’s are managed and maintained A copy of the position description is attached, along with a Registration of Interest form which should be completed and forwarded to the National Secretary by the end of January 2017.



Bid received for hosting of Indoor Nationals 2018 and 2019

It was exciting to receive a bid from the Manawatu Archery Club for the hosting of the 2018 and 2019 National Indoor Championships at the associations recent AGM. The Manawatu Archery Club are already busy getting ready for the hosting this year’s Indoor Nationals and the Board are very pleased to have received this bid which enables early planning to commence for a further two years.



Urgent call for registrations of interest for hosting Outdoor Nationals 2018 and 2019

It is disappointing to still have no bids for the Outdoor Nationals for either 2018 or 2019. Discussions at the Athletes Commission and Association AGM’s have resulted in a request for the Archery NZ Board to consider changes to the format and programme of events at the Outdoor Nationals in the future. The Board would ideally like to have at least the 2018 hosting details sorted by the end of March 2017 at the very latest and is keen to continue the discussions from the AGM’s in regard to format with any interested clubs. Please contact the National Secretary if you are interested in having a discussion.



Youth Nationals 2017

The Board is very pleased to announce that it is currently working with Rotorua Archery Club for the hosting of the Youth Nationals 2017. At this stage planning is in the very early stages – but it is expected that the event will be run in the school holidays between the 3rd and 4th school terms.