Trans-Tasman Team Announcement 2019

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Trans-Tasman Team Announcement 2019

Trans-Tasman Team Announcement 2019

3 May, 2019

Archery NZ have great pleasure in announcing the 2019 Trans Tasman Team:


Junior Men’s Compound

Brodie Cox

Ryan Jones

Cadet Men’s Compound

Adam Niziol

Andrew Syme

Ben Trim

Intermediate Men’s Compound

Levi Wesford

Jensen Young

Jack Light

Cub Men’s Compound

Akuhata Norman-Hewlett

Logan Dittert

Junior Women’s Compound

Tiana Rongokea

Lauren Tucker

Isabella Wassilieff

Cadet Women’s Compound

Emma Argyle

Intermediate Women’s Compound

Sophia Redgrove

Nina Hoeta

Alyssa Mowbray

Cub Women’s Compound




Junior Men’s Recurve


Cadet Men’s Recurve

Ben McLean

Finn Matheson

Intermediate Men’s Recurve

Daniel Sinclair

Chisora Hada

Corbyn Jensen

Cub Men’s Recurve

Alex Collett

Junior Women’s Recurve

Julia Harrison

Emily Cavell

Cadet Women’s Recurve

Vanessa Jim

Nuala Edmundson

Isabella Matthews

Intermediate Women’s Recurve

Lauren Emirali

Zoe Antone

Annie Leen

Cub Women’s Recurve

Audrey Rossolatos

Emma Russ



6.3. Discretionary selection

In the event places are available in some divisions that have not been filled through meeting all of the selection criteria in this policy, the Selection Panel may choose to select archers who have met the majority of the criteria for the purpose of making up Teams to compete in the Teams match play without penalty.