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1 October, 2021

THE ARCHERY NZ INDOOR POSTAL SHOOT-OFF or "What to do when COVID-19 ruins your Indoor Nationals"

Welcome everyone to the Indoor Postal Shoot-off challenge! 

The round is a single WA18 (60 arrows in total, at 18 metres, on a 40cm face). We appreciate that not everyone has
access to the right face, so it’s your choice of either a single or 3-spot vertical face.

COST: Nothing! It’s FREE like the best things in life (fresh air, sunshine and used park-bench chewing gum).

AGE CLASS: We are only accepting a single age class for each individual. This is in keeping with World Archery rule ("At each competition an athlete can compete in one class only").

DIVISION: You may enter scores for multiple different DIVISIONS if you wish. Your Division is your bow type (e.g.
Barebow, Compound, Longbow and Recurve)

You may shoot as many times as you want, but can only submit ONE score per Division (e.g. You could submit one
score for both Cadet Female Barebow and Cadet Female Compound if you wanted, provided you complied with the
shooting requirements for each). If you do submit multiple scores for a particular division, the highest one will be
selected for the leaderboard.

WHO CAN SHOOT: This competition is open to Archery New Zealand members.

WHERE: ANYWHERE you can safely fulfil the distance requirements (both indoor and outdoor). That means you can
shoot at home if you wish!

DATES: You have until the 31st October 2021 to shoot and submit your scores. Scores can be submitted at or via email to [email protected] (please note, the website mentioned is not a replacement to Archery OSA, simply a convenient way for us to collect the scores)

Scores submitted by email should include the name of the competition in the subject and must include:
- Your full name
- Your Archery NZ membership number
- Your age class
- Your division (i.e. Womens Recurve, Mens Barebow etc...)
- Your score (of course)
- The number of 10s and 9s you scored (this is an Indoor round so X scores are not recognised).

Archery New Zealand will publish the leaderboard shortly after the cut-off.

There will be NO awards, certificates or medals for this postal round (I know, stink). You are competing for the prestige of getting a place on the leaderboard, which will be posted on the Archery New Zealand website and Facebook page. Feel free to use this as a topic of conversation at dinner parties and other social gatherings as well as bragging rights amongst your peers.

Q: Do I need to register for this Round?
A: Nope! Just shoot and submit!!
Q: Do I have to do double scoring or get scores signed off?
A: No, we trust you!
Q: But people could cheat?
A: Yes they could, but it’s hardly in the spirit of the competition, and as my mum always said “You’re only cheating
Q: I’m not sure about how safe my range is at home - can I shoot?
A: Do not shoot at home if there is any chance the arrow might miss the target and endanger someone (or pets!) If
in doubt, we recommend you seek advice from one of your experienced senior club coaches.
Q: I can almost shoot 18M. Is that good enough?
A: Sure, if you ALMOST want to make it onto the leaderboard (see question above on cheating)

More questions? Send them to [email protected] and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


George Rossolatos