Results of the Financial & Membership Fee Ballot

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Results of the Financial & Membership Fee Ballot

20 June, 2019

Results of the Financial & Membership Fee Ballot that was sent out on 12.2.19

Earlier in the year Archery NZ held a postal ballot to decide if the affiliation fees of Archery New Zealand should be increased as per discussion at the AGM. The result of this ballot was an exactly equal number of votes cast for and against, which meant that Colin Mitchell  had to exercise his casting vote as Chair of the Board. The casting  vote was for the increase in the fees, which meant that the motion for the fee increase was passed. 

This increase is vital to us being able to move forward, and deliver the benefits that the new structure should bring to our members.  Archery NZ have not been raised membership fees since 2015 and in 2016 new levels of membership were added to accommodate a variety of needs for our members.

The Ballot was sent to 417 members (at that time) and had a response rate of 16.3% (68)  which has proved to be average for Electronic/postal ballots which fall into the 15-20% range, and similar to numbers who attend AGM's 2018 = 58, 2019 = 76.


Motion #1: I accept the Archery NZ Annual Accounts & balance sheet for the 2017/2018 financial year, as supplied via email.

Yes = 60

No =    3

Abstained = 5

Motion #2: I accept the Archery NZ Financial Plan for the 2019/2020 financial year, as supplied via email.

Yes = 47

No =    12

Abstained = 9

Motion #3: I agree with the proposed changes to the Archery NZ 2019/2020 membership fees as stated above.

Yes = 32

No =  32

Abstained = 4

Chairs casting vote = yes, therefore Yes = 33, No = 32, abstained = 4

For 2019-2020 season the membership fees will be:

Full Shooting Member - Senior, Masters                              $145

Full Shooting Member - youth levels (U20) & (U10)          $ 70

Postal Event Member – Senior                                                $ 40

Postal Event Member – Junior                                                $ 30

Social member (District)                                                           $ 15

Non Shooting/Administration Member                                $ 10

Associate member (Archery in Schools)                                $ 10