Preparation for IFAA World Indoor Championships 2019

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Preparation for IFAA World Indoor Championships 2019

29 June, 2018

The Archery NZ Board have been working closely with the NZ Field Archery Association (NZFAA) in regard to the upcoming IFAA World Indoor Championships that will be held in Wellington, NZ on 8-12 April 2019.

This is a very rare opportunity for NZ archers to be able to shoot at a World Event without having to leave the country.

In preparation for this event, there will be a number of opportunities made available for Archery NZ members so that they can also compete at this event.

1. Membership of NZFAA

Archery NZ has become a registered Club with NZFAA for their 2018.19 financial year (which runs from 1 July 2018 to 30 June 2019).

This means that Archery NZ members can become members of NZFAA via Archery NZ with the payment of $10. This membership fee is over and above the Archery NZ membership fee (which will be due again in October 2018).

The $10 membership fee can be paid at any time from 1 July 2018 – but must be made prior to competing in an NZFAA event.

Please note that archers are required to have two ‘qualification scores’ before they will be allowed to shoot at the IFAA World Indoor Championships.

Payments are to be made to Archery NZ (online) and the specific NZFAA membership form to be completed and sent to the National Secretary to ensure that we have all of the necessary information.

Alternatively, you could join a NZ Field Archery Club. Further information on clubs can be found via the link at the end of this notice.

2. Qualification events

In order to be eligible to compete at the IFAA World Indoor Championships, you must have two scores from NZFAA sanctioned events. These are necessary to prove that you have experience in shooting at this type of event and understand the rules, scoring etc necessary to ensure your safety and the smooth running of the event.

There will be a number of opportunities provided in the lead up to the World Champs.

Upcoming opportunities include:

  • Mt Tiger Indoors – Whangarei – 29 July 2018 (Information and entry form can be found via the following link:
  • Archery NZ National Indoor Championships - Auckland – 18 & 19 August 2018 (The first round on the Saturday will being an IFAA Standard Indoor target round. More information can be found on the Archery NZ website.)

The World Indoor Championship event information along with information on divisions can be found via the following link:

Other opportunities will be made available over the following months and information will be posted on NZFAA website.

You can download information on NZFAA Divisions here. 

For a list of NZFAA Clubs, please check this website: