Operations Update

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Operations Update

Operations Update

17 March, 2022

At the Board Meeting held on Tuesday (15th Mar), discussions were held on how the Board of Archery NZ and committees are operating.  This discussion was chaired by an external Governance consultant provided via Sports NZ.  One of the items raised was that we need a greater focus on “wellness” of members of our archery community and that this be incorporated into the structure.

It was recommended that the Board review and align Terms of Reference for each of the operational committees, with governance support from the SportNZ advisor.  It has been considered to build the Wellbeing function into the committee for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, which had been in the process of establishment.  Given the revised scope, it was further agreed that we would disestablish the EDI committee and confirm membership and roles once we have confirmed and updated the Terms of Reference.

The Board would like to thank the members of the EDI committee and assure all that equity, diversity and inclusion will form key parts of the revised operational structure.

David Velleman

Chairperson - Archery NZ Board.

[email protected]