NZ Postal League 2017-18 Season

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NZ Postal League 2017-18 Season

11 September, 2017

HERE is the enrolment form for Summer Teams Postal League !! 
Also included on this form is a voting form for changes to the Postal rules that will hopefully help in fielding teams throughout the season.

The first change is to allow Kiwi, Cub and Intermediate archers to shoot a Short Canadian 900 Round. This is 90 arrows, with 30 each at 45,35,25 metres instead of at 55,45,35 the standard Canadian 900, Hopefully encouraging more Jama members to participate.

The second change is allow club archers to shoot a round any time in the day as long as they have at least one another to verify their scores. So effectively you can have two shoots in a day (With different archers) when one particular time doesn’t suit all. Note that each archer can only shoot once in the day.
This still allows the clubs to shoot a round more than once in the month and submit the scores from the best day.

Please also note that last season ArcheryNZ also introduced a “Postal” membership which is $30 for an adult and $20 for junior so archers can join just to do the Postal competitions.

You get one vote for each team you had in last years Teams Postal.

Deadline for the enrolment and vote is the 22nd of September to give me enough time to do the draw for October and calculate the results of the votes

If you have any questions please don't hesitate in contacting on e-mail or phone 021 677 527.

Have a great season
Kerry Hoole
Teams Postal League Coordinator