Inter-Club Shield Challenge time!

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Inter-Club Shield Challenge time!

Inter-Club Shield Challenge time!

5 October, 2020

ENTRY DATES: 1 October to 30 November 2020

The Ryan, Fraser and Hamilton Shield Inter-Club Challenge Tournament is a postal-style tournament shot at your home club, with scores sent into the Archery NZ Coordinator (Kerry Hoole). It is open to all clubs whose archers are affiliated to Archery NZ. Archers with membership of more than one club may choose which club to represent, but may only represent one club per year for this competition. As there may be limited Bare bow/Long Bow archers in some clubs, two clubs may combine to form a team as long as it is shot together in one location.

Archers who shoot the tournament in a team must belong to Archery NZ as a postal member or full member. There is no requirement for the Hamilton, Ryan and Fraser competitions to be shot at the same time.

The round may be shot any time between the dates on the entry form, with the results of the tournament held in confidence until the Shields are presented at the National Outdoor Championships of the following year.

Notice of the Event/Entry Forms are now available at: Score sheets and Entry forms must be submitted before 13 December 2020 via email to the administrator [email protected].