Archery NZ welcomes New Board Members

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Archery NZ welcomes New Board Members

Archery NZ welcomes New Board Members

29 May, 2022

As notified to our members earlier this year, Archery NZ has been advertising for an independent board member, as well as another board member to fill a vacancy. We were grateful to receive a number of excellent applications for both of these positions.

At the same time, due to personal health and family reasons, Melanie Jones has requested to step down as a Board Member. Considering the quality of applications received, she believes this to be the best timing for both her and the Board. Melanie has been a member-focused governor, and contributed to both Governance and Youth committees in her time on the Board. We are incredibly grateful for Melanie's support of the Board and Archery NZ, have enjoyed working with her, and wish her all the best. Melanie has requested to stay on as Records Officer, and we are pleased to retain her services in that role.

Melanie had previously filled one of the 'appointed' positions on the Board (at least one of which needs to be independent), which provides us the opportunity to select two independent Board members. We are pleased to announce that Lisa Holt and Sai Bedekar have joined us in these roles.

Lisa has a background in Legal, ICT and Commercial Management, and was recently the Group General Counsel of Orion Health. She has key skills in leadership, stakeholder relationship, commercial acumen, contracts and business development.

Sai is the Regional Business Safety Lead for General Motors International Operations, and a business owner, and has key skills in H&S, business management, risk management, change management, stakeholder engagement and relationship management. Sai is also involved on the Boards of Netball Waitakere and Counties Manukau Badminton, plus a committee member of the GM Women Pillars for Talent and Culture.

Appointed to fill a Board vacancy until the Annual General Meeting, we are also pleased to welcome Vincent McCartney, the current Club Secretary of Mountain Green Archery Club. Vincent has held independent directorships in the investments industry, was a member of the Institute of Directors in 2016, and is currently Managing Director of Verifi Identity Services. He has key skills in leadership, strategic planning, operational management, stakeholder management and relationship management.

With these appointments, the Board welcomes a wealth of talent, governance experience, complementary skills, and we look forward to working together with these Board members to improve our sport for all. Please be welcoming to these Board members when you come across them.

Sai Bedekar

Sai is a self-employed professional with 24 years of International and local experience in Business Management and Occupational Health and Safety. As a Director for two small business enterprises in New Zealand, Sai has successfully built strong relationships along with a track record of selling innovative and creative ideas for design, print, health and safety and photography. In her spare time Sai works as a Photographer beautifully capturing weddings, corporate events and concerts.

Sai has significant organisational skills and a passion for Sports and Recreation. She has been a parent and supporter of archery. Sai has worked as an executive committee member for various community and sports organisations within Auckland region. She is looking forward to the opportunity to support the sport for all players, whanau and volunteers.

Lisa Holt

Lisa has a diverse professional background with a mix of roles in ICT sales, commercial management, research into emerging technologies, and legal practice in both the private and public sectors in NZ and France. She has public listed company and private company Board experience. She is a life-long volunteer, with a primary focus in the last 10 years on helping organisations that benefit women and promote diversity and inclusion. Lisa is a frequent observer of the archery shoots at Cornwall Park, which is one of the family-favourite dog walks in Auckland. 

Vincent McCartney

Vincent is a member and the Secretary of Mountain Green Archery Club in Auckland. He has been a member since 2019 when his son took up Archery.

Originally from the UK, Vincent spent 10-years working in financial services in the UK, Australia and New Zealand, and has held a number of Independent Director positions in the derivatives trading industry. These independent positions supplement Vincent's director experience within the company he co-founded and recently sold, Verifi Identity Services, and feels the governance experience from both sides of the fence will serve him well in this role with Archery NZ.

Vincent's goal as a board member of Archery NZ is to help Archery NZ grow to become truly self-sustainable, have Archery gain wider public recognition and become accessible to more people.


Your Board now consists of:

David Velleman - Chair (elected until AGM 2022)
Andrew Russell - Deputy Chair (elected until AGM 2022)
Hana Saemon-Beck - Board Member (elected until AGM 2023)
Leonie Hunter-Smith - Board Member (elected until AGM 2024)
Vincent McCartney - Board Member (appointed to a vacancy until AGM 2022)
Sai Bedekar - Independent Board Member (appointed until AGM 2023)
Lisa Holt - Independent Board Member (appointed until AGM 2024)