Archery NZ National Indoor Championships 2021

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Archery NZ National Indoor Championships 2021

Archery NZ National Indoor Championships 2021

11 August, 2021

We are pleased to announce the details for the 2021 Archery NZ Indoor Championships. A number of clubs have joined us to participate in a multi-venue event - a big thank you to these clubs. So far, we have interest from Randwick, River Glade, Mountain Green, Deep South and Christchurch clubs, with possible venues also at Grey Goose Wing and Tauranga, which gives a good spread of options around the country. This is subject to change as we lock in final confirmations, but is promising, and entries will open soon for this event (venues may be added).

With the event being run as a multi-venue event, Archery NZ has listened to feedback, and confirmed that for this year, the event will be open to full members for championship results (eligible for trophies and medals), however Archery NZ Postal Event members will also be able to participate in the event.

Event Rules and Protocols

  1. Rounds are to consist of 2x Vegas Rounds (18m, 10x 3 arrow ends on a 40cm target, outer ten), followed by a WA18 round (18m, 20x 3 arrow ends on a 40cm target, inner or outer ten depending on division - refer WA/ANZ rules). The Vegas round should be shot on the Saturday 25th September and WA18 Round on the 26th September. Events may be combined into a single day (Sunday) if the venue is unavailable for the Saturday
  2. Ties will be determined by a countback on the total number of 10s, then 9s of the combined two rounds. If still even, the archers will be declared equal.
  3. Archers may choose their style of target face - (i.e. three 10-6 spots or full 10-1 face)
  4. The Vegas Round will be shot on either triangular 3-spot, vertical 3-spot or full 10-1 face targets, and other than the outer ten scoring for all divisions, it will be run to WA rules in all other respects (equipment, timing, etc.)
  5. Archers must be full Archery NZ members or Archery NZ postal event members to participate, however only full Archery NZ members will be eligible for medals, trophies and National Titles. Archers who are neither a full nor postal event member, and have not been a full Archery NZ member before, may take advantage of a one-off $20 event levy to participate in the event, however they will also be ineligible for National Championships titles, medals and trophies
  6. The event will be run as a minor registered tournament at most venues, with the exception that this indoor round may also be shot at an outdoor venue. If this is the case, ArcheryNZ will make an exception to minor tournament rules to still allow perfect pins and merit pins to still be valid. Some of the clubs are also choosing to register the WA18 event as a major tournament for their venue - these will be indoor only.
  7. Due to the style of the event, no National records will be awarded this year. NZ and Open records may be claimed for the WA18 round only if the venue has registered the event as a major event
  8. The event must use new target faces for each round, with correct timing used
  9. National Championship Medals will be awarded, and couriered to the archers' clubs. The first-placed full member in each division will carry the title of the National Indoor Champion
  10. Due to the risk of damage to trophies, and the costs involved, these will not be couriered but instead awarded at the 2022 Outdoor National Championships

Please look out for this event entries to open soon on Archery OSA - this will include details of the clubs, whether that venue will be a major or minor tournament, and which are doing it in 1 or 2 days. Some clubs will be running multiple flights. With little time to organise this event, there have been some rule concessions made with a view to maximise opportunity for archers to take part. We hope to see you take part - good luck to all.

Kind regards,

Andrew Russell, Kelly Atkinson, Riku van Tonder