2021 NZOC Post Olympic Survey

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2021 NZOC Post Olympic Survey

2021 NZOC Post Olympic Survey

10 December, 2021

Following on from the 2021 Olympic games, the New Zealand Olympic Committee (NZOC) conducted a survey of sports on the Selection Standard for the Paris Olympic Games in 2024.  The Board canvassed the thoughts of a number of people/groups before compiling a response.  The difficulty in attaining a Top 16 ranking due to Archery being an amateur sport in NZ that requires self-funding with significant logistical challenges and the frustration in meeting World Archery standards were key messages in the majority of the feedback.

Attached is the response from Archery NZ to the NZOC survey, in line with the feedback and suggesting a mechanism that would allow sports such as Archery the opportunity to participate.  We are now going to pursue this suggestion further in direct discussions with the NZOC.

You can download the item here.

David Velleman

Chairperson – Archery NZ Board