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Summer Teams Postal League 2016-17


Here are the results for the October Round of the Archery NZ Teams Postal League.

There are some close results especially in Division 2 and it looks like the Battle between Auckland A and Christchurch A at the top is going to be another long and hard one this year with only 2 points difference in their first Rounds. Also good to see some great scores from Lakeview, but this highlighting again the issue of having really good teams starting at the bottom making those lower divisions unbalanced with the need to look at a fair way push them into a higher division earlier than they would. Perhaps these good teams can be slotted into gaps left from teams that have withdrawn, but  at the discretion of the Coordinator. Lakeview A getting the third highest score of the month at 2539 for example really doesn’t help the competition in Division 6. Just food for thought.

If everyone can double check their Scores as this putting this together is a  manual process and there are chances of me making mistakes.

Speaking of which,  I have to apologise to Division 3 as I missed that Gisborne had only entered 1 team this year, so I will count the remaining matches against Gisborne B as a win and teams due to play them will have a bye.

Just a reminder to get your results in by the 6th of the following month so I can get these results out promptly


Kerry Hoole

Postal League Coordinator



Hi One and All
The Summer Outdoor Teams Postal League has begun !! See the Draw HERE
Welcome to Lakeview with two teams and good to see  Geraldine and Marangai adding extra teams  But unfortunately Dunedin, Rotorua, Suva and Wanganui have not entered this year and a couple of clubs have reduced their number of teams.This leaves us with six full divisions which should see some great competition. Don't forget to have a revision of the rules which are
Can clubs please us the  scoresheet which you can download HERE  for returning scores. This makes a big difference to the times it takes to processing results. If you don't have excel then I can send you a word version of this.
Can you please check the draw and let me know if there are any mistakes.
Good Luck Everyone

Kerry Hoole
Postal League Co-ordinator