04, Aug, 2012

World Cup Stage 3 - Ogden 2012

Stage 3 of the World Cup held in Odgen 2012 saw three kiwis attending – Ali Turner (nee Bateman), Michael Caulton and Shaun Teasdale.  Congratulations to each of them for qualifying and their efforts at the event.

The rankings from the event were as follows: Shaun Teasdale (26), Michael Caulton (46), Ali Turner (19).  In the individual Elimination round Michael lost his first match, Ali had a bye, and Shaun won his first match.  Unfortunately both Shaun and Ali lost their second matches.

For Ali this was a return to “the scene” after a 4 year break in representative archery and an opportunity to compete in a Mixed Teams event, which wasn’t available when she previously competed.  There were mixed comments from the entrants when asked how they felt they performed.  There was consensus that the support from within the team was great and the archers competing were great as always. Being the last chance for recurve archers to qualify for the Olympics made the atmosphere intense and interesting to be around.